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I given and/or received every single gift on this list of gifts for adventurous couples. I’ve taken all the guess work out of gift giving because, let’s be honest, gift giving can be kind of stressful. We all want to show those we care about that we see them, that we know them and that we care about them. We like to give gifts to couples that enhance their lives, not their stuff. We love the idea that we are helping them make memories and increase the time they spend together. And I think we have found the best gifts for adventurous couples! Whether you are young or old, you are bound to find a gift idea (or 5) here to take your adventures to the next level!

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Aventon Aventure E-Bike

Ebikes are the best gifts for adventurous couples.
We started BIG with this one. Check this link to choose the right Aventon E-bike gift for the adventurous couple!

32 Degrees

Literally anything from this site … cheap, well made and even amongst Oprah’s faves!

His & Hers Ruck Bags

Gear bags are amongst the best gifts for adventurous couples.
Rucking is making ways in the civilian fitness world, and ruckers are getting unbelievably fit! What’s more is this bag doubles as an EDC bag.

Kelty Loveseat Camp Chair

Perfect for the lovebird couple who wants to cuddle around the camfire!


These steel targets were built from the ground up to be an affordable and dependable option for serious and casual shooters alike.

Give the Gift of Health

In the midst of panic and fear, there is nothing like a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, excercise and supplements! Follow the science!

Black Diamond Headlamp

For epics of all kinds, give your favorite couple a killer 400 lumen headlamp!

Fox Gear Bag

Help the adventurous couple keep their gear together with this epic gear bag!

FFL License

Buy, Sell, Transfer from home, saving time and money. The 2A couple will love this!

Adjustable Dumbbells

Save space and money with these super affordable adjustable dumbbells. Perfect gift for adventourous couples! Flybird also has weight benches for a reasonable price.


Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US! It’s super and great for the competitive couple!

Ice Legs

Great gift for adventurous couples who are always getting injured, this is a totally unique and brilliant find!

Sandals (Duh)

Keep them excited for summer adventures, these sandals are the bomb!

Kelty Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Whether you’re snoozing or snuggling, this is the ultimate of creature comforts out in the wilderness. Individual temp control and snuggle bonuses!

Klean Kanteen Hot/Cold Canister

All the cool kids are conscious of the food they eat and cool couples are no different. They want to bring their homemade fare out on their adventures! Hot or cold, this does the trick.

His & Hers Rab Hoodie

Arguably the best jacket on the planet for warmth and layering. His and hers jackets for chilly days out in the the wild!

Lift Tickets to Any Resort

Gifts for the Adventure Couple
I can’t think of a cooler gift than lift tickets! Get em on sale from Liftopia.

Bike Rack

Playing together is the name of the game. Bike racks, ski racks, snowboard racks, or any rack.

RV Rental

Camper Vans, Trailers, Class C, Class A, whatever. Couple travel. Word!

Camera Case

Keeping all your GoPro accessories together is tough. This makes it easy!

The Gift of Adventure

Give your favorite couple memorable experiences together. There is no better bonding experience than Adventure travel! And if you are looking for me, look no further!

Pelican Case

Waterproof, indestructible case for all their electronics from phones to cameras!!

Yeti Cooler

Yeti coolers keep ice for days, hands down the best cooler on the market!

No Trees Necessary Hammock

Finding trees to hang a hammock is not always an option out West. This is a killer option for any couple. Check out the two pack bundle here.


The best all-over  lightweight, waterproof, all-terrain shoe that’s built for aggressive fun!

Smart Wool Ski Socks

Thick, comfy, warm, & breathable so your fave couple can go all day on the hill!

Snow Shoes

This trail system will keep couples hiking throughout the entire winter season! It’s a winner!

TruBrain Personalized Drinks

I’m a new convert. I swear by these. For the active couple, buy 10 mellos, 30 extra strong!

Sena Headset Kit

Ask any couple, communication is key. This set will keep the lines of communication open while cruising the open road.

Vasque Winter Boot

Winter snow boot … nothing is too extreme for these boots!

Gift Giving

Gifts are fun to receive and often even more fun to give. Gifts show you care about and know the person to whom you are giving. When you nail it and give them something that will enhance their lives with those they love, you aren’t just giving things, but rather opportunities to make memories. Time spent with our favorite people is what builds legacies.

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