25 Gifts Traveling Women Will Actually Love

It can be quite tricky to buy gifts for travelling women. We tend to forgo the novelty gift preferring instead to receive items for travel and about travel. We are minimalists at heart and enjoy gifts that are both practical and essential, but that also have a luxurious side. We may own less, but what we own is top notch.

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Traveling women likely subscribe to the idea of minimalism. It’s inherently difficult to buy for a woman who is fundamentally averse to . Gift giving is an art. My mother happens to be one of the best gift givers I know. She puts an exorbitant amount of thought into buying gifts for those she loves. The gift is typically practical, and on occasion, sentimental. I like to think I got my knack for gift giving from her.

Personally, I love comfort, I love luxury and I love practicality and if all three of these can come together into one perfect gift, it’s pure gold. So we’ve put together the most comprehensive list of the Best Traveling Gifts for Women, Men & Kids this holiday season!

Go ahead, check out this list, notice I’ve linked to everything on Amazon for ease of ordering, should you see something you love. FYI, I get a small kickback from this corporate giant, without costing you a dime! 

Without further ado … the 25 Best Travel Gifts for Women in no particular order are:

Table of Contents

1) Passport Cover

Gifts for Traveling Women

2) Travelers Playbook: World Edition

Gifts for Traveling Women

3) HomeSick Candles

Candles that smell like home are in the tp 25 Gifts Traveling Women will love!


4) St Christopher Necklace

Gifts for Traveling Women


5) Leather Travel Journal

Gifts Travelng Women will love are personalized and unique.


6) In Her Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Grandmas Around the World

Gifts Traveling Women will Love should conjure up memories of the places they have visited.


7) Girlfriend Collective Joggers

Gifts for Traveling Women


8) Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

The best Gifts for Traveling Women are often books.


6 thoughts on “25 Gifts Traveling Women Will Actually Love”

  1. You have some great gift ideas for women who are travelers. I love to travel and camping and next year a trip to Hawaii is in the books for me. I had never thought about a travel log/jounal before, but keepiong a log of all my adventures is going to be my goal for 2018. Thanks for you input.

    • Journaling is epic! It’s such a great way to chronicle your adventures, where you’ve been, how you felt and so so much more!! Thanks for the comment!!


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