10 Totally Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids!

Las Vegas may be best known for ways to separate you from your money. With so many activities vying for your hard earned cash, it might be hard to believe, but Vegas also boasts a wealth of Free Things To Do. And, again, shocking, but many of these Free Things To Do in Las Vegas are family friendly! If you are starting out your Vegas Vacation low on funds, or if you blow your budget at any of the casinos, you can still hit the jackpot with these Free Things Do Do in Las Vegas with Kids.

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Hiking is always an activity of choice to run off steam!

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Fun Free Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

The bright lights and manic energy of Las Vegas appeals to kids and adults alike. The grandeur and luxe found in the hotels along the strip entice us to embrace the luxury side of travel. Take it from a low-budget traveler, such as myself, it’s easy to blow your budget on your very first day in Sin City. As such, I’ve become quite the expert in finding the coolest Free Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids.  The best way to make a Las Vegas family vacation affordable is to seek out the budget friendly things.  Even better are the totally FREE Things, right? Below is a list of our favorite family-friendly free things to do in Las Vegas…

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Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Hotel Conservatory is one of the best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
Constantly changing with the seasons, the Conservatory is a party for the senses.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino’s Conservatory is constantly changing along with the seasons. It even has a special presentation for the Chinese New Year. It is one of our top picks of Free Things To Do In Las Vegas with kids because it is fun and educational.

The Gardens are located across the lobby from the front desk at the Bellagio Hotel. Here, you will see a magnificent glass ceiling that rises 50 feet high. This gives an incomparable visual of what is to come…an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful Conservatory.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino’s Conservatory season starts off with the Chinese New Year. In the Spring you will be treated to Cherry Blossoms and a whole host of other Spring blooms. Summer offers equally delightful fragrances and beauty. In the fall, the conservatory turns a vibrant red, orange, yellow, gold and brown. After Thanksgiving, the talented horticulturists transform the Conservatory for the Christmas season. This ever-changing display is not to be missed by visitors of Las Vegas!

Fountains of Bellagio Water Show

The Bellagio Fountains are one of the best Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
The Bellagio Fountains are such a treat for young and old!

Just outside the Bellagio Hotel, you will find these magnificent fountains.  I can attest to the fact that there is nothing like seeing them in person and they are totally Free!  Here, Water, Music, and Light combine to tantalize viewers. As you approach, find a place to sit or stand to watch the dynamic display that is sure to entertain both kids and adults alike.

To take advantage of this top pick of Free Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids, be sure to time your arrival appropriately. Luckily, it’s hard to miss this daily show in Las Vegas. The show is every 30 minutes from 3 pm to 8 pm Monday through Friday and every 15 minutes from 8pm to midnight. On Sundays, the show starts at 11 am every 30 minutes until 7 pm when the show goes on every 15 minutes until midnight. On Saturdays and Holidays, the shows start at noon every 30 minutes and changes to every 15 minutes at from 8pm to midnight. Of course, times may vary, so check verify online or with the hotel itself.

Mirage Hotel Atrium/Tropical Rainforest

The Mirage Rainforest is one of the best Free Things To Do in Las Vegas With Kids
It’s extremely hard to believe you are in Las Vegas when you are standing in this rainforest!


Just behind the front desk of the Mirage Hotel is a giant 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium that you and your kids will absolutely marvel at. But, walk just beyond to see a 100-foot dome under which is housed a 60′ waterfall, peaceful lagoons, and an enormous variety of plants. In addition, discover uber tall palm trees, Bird of Paradise Trees, over 300 Orchids and 1,000 bromelaids, along with other colorful flora and fauna. All that you and your family can explore and learn.

As you find yourself heading back outside, be sure to check out the volcano in front of the Mirage, rounding out the tropical theme of this hotel and yet another addition to the free things to do in Las Vegas.

Wild Life Habitat – Flamingo Hotel

Check out the Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Hotel for one of the favorite Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
Kids absolutely love the Wild Life Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel.

The Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife habitat is easily one of the best Free Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids. It is touted as one of the most unique and family friendly attractions in Las Vegas. Open to the public daily, this 15 acre wild habitat is full of lush foliage, flamingos (the coolest part), penguins, cranes, turtles, fish and lots of other birds.

Open 8 am – 8 pm every day of the week Be sure to try to schedule your visit during feeding time … 8:25 am and 2:55 pm. You can also take your picture with the parrots, or use the excellent backdrop for exotic family photos.

Free Fun at Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Free Chocolate makes Ethel M. Chocolate Factory a favorite amongst the Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
Who doesn’t love Free Chocolate Tastings?

This is one of the sweetest Free Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids and without kids! At the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory, take a self guided tour, eat free samples and watch the chocolate being made from behind large glass windows.

You can also walk through the four-acre Botanical Cactus Garden, the largest in Nevada. At Christmas time, this cactus garden is beautifully decorated in Christmas lights. There are 300 species of plants: half are native cacti and succulents and the rest are desert trees and shrubs, both local and from Australia and South America.

The chocolate, of course, is all local – and delicious! Bring some back to the hotel with you for a late night snack or bring it home and give it as gifts!

Fremont Street Experience

Freemont Street, while cautionary for youngsters, is one of the more wildly fun Free Things To Do In Las Vegas.
I highly caution parents, as the entertainment is often quite inapporpriate, however, Freemont Street is an interesting excursion.


I caution parents heavily when bringing up Freemont Street as one of the Top Free Things To Do in Las Vegas with Kids. In my humble opinion, it is not family friendly. So, I include it here with a cautionary tag.

Freemont Street is located in downtown Las Vegas. It is kind of like an outdoor mall. It has a ceiling made of 12.5 million lights, where videos are played to music. There are also street performers, Elvis and other celebrity impersonators, spray paint artists and more. The more is where I urge you to use your own judgment when bringing kids down to Freemont Street…

Hike Springs Preserve

Hills Springs Preserve is one of the most fun Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
Hiking is a great family activity and in Vegas, a great way to get away from the sensory overload!


Get off the strip and immerse yourself in the Springs Preserve, dubbed the Miracle in the Mojave. Here, you can take your kids hiking around the Springs Preserve without having to pay to get into the main part. Anything that gets kids off the strip, running around is a top Free Things To Do In Las Vegas with Kids.

There are 1.8 miles of trails split between four themes, with wildlife, native habitats and archaeological sites. The trails are open from 10 am until dusk. Be prepared with plenty of water, sunscreen and hats for all. Note that there are many many additional activities that are available for a fee.

A little research on the Las Vegas Pass, may be in order, as it allows free entry into Springs Preserve, among other benefits.

Mermaid Show

The Mermaid Show in the Silverton Hotel is absolutely one fo the favorite Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids
Named the Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas, this Mermaid Show is a must-see. Photo Credit: vegasfoodandfun.com

Named the “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas,” the Mermaid show at the Silverton Hotel is a must see. The 117,000-gallon aquarium is home to thousands of tropical fish and LIVE Mermaids.

Subject to Change, a free mermaid show occurs in the aquarium Thursday, Friday & Saturday hourly from 12-3:15 and again from 5-8:15. Sundays from 10:30 am – 3:15 and again from 5-6:45. Note, that there is a 15 minute intermission between individual swims.

The plethora of fish is fed daily at 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm. There are thousands of tropical fish and one or two mermaids swimming every day all day. Totally amazing sight!

Calico Basin Red Springs

Do not pass up the opportunity to hike around Calico Basin as it's definitely one of the more fun Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
A nature infused break from Las Vegas, you will find Calico Basin a gem.

If you are in search of a little adventure in Las Vegas look no further than Calico Basin.  Only a few minutes away from downtown Las Vegas, the Calico Basin is legit worlds away.  This portion of the Red Rock Canyon National Park you don’t have to pay to get into.

The area features spectacular red and white sandstone cliffs and, as the name implies, there are many natural springs that feed the abundant vegetation and attract a variety of interesting wildlife. Take a walk around the boardwalk, go for a hike and just enjoy getting away from the crazy non-stop assault on your senses that is the Las Vegas strip.

Free Circus Show

While not Cirque De Soleil the Circus Circus Show is a treat and a top favorite of the Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids.
A daily show featuring some fun experiences.

In keeping with the Circus theme, Circus Circus puts on a free circus show each and every day. No, it’s not Cirque de Soleil, but still, your kids will be enthralled.

The Circus Hotel show features jugglers, unicyclists, trapeze artists acrobats and more. Each show is 10 minutes long, and shows run every half hour, daily, from 11 am – 11 pm; until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Billed as the “World’s Largest Permanent Circus,” the popular show has only 60 seats, so get there early.

What are your favorite free things to do in Las Vegas? Share with us in the comment section below.

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids


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