6 thoughts on “Father’s Day: What Do You Give the Dad Who Has Everything?”

  1. I am so stoked for you guys! Congratulations!!!
    We are hoping to hit the road this year sometime and you guys have been and inspiration.
    may we meet up on the road someday!
    : )

  2. Hey, I just left a comment the other day but would love to have a conversation with you via email. I think you guys are really amazing. I started a convo with you a few years back and then my laptop died and lost everything on it.
    It took a while to find you again.
    I have a question for you about large families.
    Just email me back and I’ll tell you more.
    Best, Sue

  3. I saw the article about you in the FMCA magazine.

    You two are the greatest parents and you must have plug in energy packs to do what you do.

    You are great a example of how to break out of the humdrum routine most of us find ourselves in and live a great life. Yes, it is possible! One day in your life is more excitement than most of us have in a year.

    I will continue to follow you on your website.


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