Exploring The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is out of this world! I never thought I could love a place as much as the Colorado mountains, but as soon as we crossed the border on the coast of Northern California, I fell in love!

We immediately pulled off to go hike the Oregon Redwoods Trail. With some of the oldest and tallest coastal redwoods being 800 years old and 300 feet tall!  


These trees were amazing! I always believe in John Muir’s quote that “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” Its so true!


You get lost from looking up, one of the greatest feelings ever!


These massive beautiful trees weren’t even the best part. It was the drive along the coast. There were so many spots to pull off and explore. One of the first was Meyers Creek Beach, OR.

IMG_8072 (Medium)

We were all in awe with these giant rocks in the ocean. It was so cool and different from anything we had ever seen!


Even though the water was cold it didn’t stop us from playing.


Cardy and Rowdy running back to shore after climbing one of the rocks farther out.


While Meyer Creek Beach was amazing we had to keep driving up the coast, and to one of the places I’ve wanted to go to for a while. Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua.


The magic in this seemingly bottomless sinkhole was amazing! How the tide affected the water in the hole and how the waves crashed into the sides and poured in. It was all so crazy! I could have watched it for hours!

Thor’s Well wasn’t the only amazing thing in Cape Perpetua.


When the waves crashed into the small cracks in the rocks it’d shoot a huge amount of water into the sky, sometimes almost hitting us.


Cape Cove Beach also in Cape Perpetua was like one of those places you dream about!


It was in a private corner with a beautiful view!

The next amazing stop was Whale Cove.


That’s right we got to see whales from the shore!


It was a pretty cool experience for us all! We weren’t expecting to see Gray Whales that close.


I hope through my pictures you can see why the Oregon Coast is such an amazing place to visit, and why I wanted to come here. One of my newest favorite words is elysian, its origin is Greek. It means beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect. I think it defines the Oregon coast perfectly!


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  1. If you head north, to Washington, come see the Hood Canal, the Hoh rainforest and come say hello to this homeschooling, off-grid, traveling family! You guys are so fun!

  2. Hey! I headed south, closer to your home and you headed up toward mine! 🙂 Did you get to see much of Brookings? It’s amazing in the summer! The beach is beautiful, of course, but also if you want warmer weather and swimming in clear waters, you can drive 20 minutes up the Chetco River and it’ll be 20 degrees warmer. We spend most summer days up at Loeb swimming. Where are you headed next?

  3. What’s this, no mention of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach? You missed quite a site. Was there in July 2014 for the first time. Finally, what I saw only in pictures, I saw in real life. Even took a dip in the Pacific Ocean for the first time.


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