Best Perks of Life On the Road With a Young Family – RV Living

Everyone asks us “How do you do it?”  “It” being a life on the road with our kids.  My answer is always the same.  “RV living is the best,” I say as though it’s obvious, as though everyone knows how incredibly easy a life on the road is.  It recently became clear to me that if everyone knew how amazing RV travel is and that it’s very much a young person “thing”, they’d not only understand, but they’d probably all go out and purchase and RV.  Here’s my very comprehensive list of perks and tips for RV living and travel.

Ask your kids what their idea for a great road trip is and you’ll likely get some really exciting responses.  There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road, the invitation to stop wherever and whenever on your own schedule.

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Despite what you may have heard, the Great American Road Trip is still alive and well, and if the boom in RV sales is any indication road trips are set to rule the travel world.

And if you are hoping to make the most of your road trip, I highly suggest making it an RV trip.

What if you don’t have an RV?  Well, of course, I would recommend you BUY one as young families are flocking to dealers at an alarming rate.  You realize, it’s not only a thing for the retired set … nope, us young people want a piece of RVing too.  Especially because now they, like this Newmar Dutch Star 4312 are nicer than our own homes!

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Now, of course, buying an RV is a huge investment and maybe you don’t want to OWN an RV but you do want to vacation in one … that’s cool.  It’s exactly how I feel about a boat.  Renting an RV would be the perfect scenario for you!

Maybe you are jonesin to buy your own RV, but want to test the waters before taking the plunge?  You want to make sure you’d find the experience fun before dropping a couple hundred thousand dollars on a new RV.  Renting is purrrfect! And, there are rental agencies in every city across this great land, so renting is crazy convenient.

Now once you get all the logistics figured out, the fun part of planning the trip begins.

Do you have great childhood memories of summer road trips with your family?  Dan’s family had a little RV that they traveled in when they were really little.  His mom’s family had some land in OH called, “The Farm” and they’d go out there with the RV.

All day, Dan and his brothers and sister would hike around, make trails and build tree houses.  They’d build forts and hike to a spring on the property where they could drink fresh water! At night they would cook over a campfire and stay up late telling ghost stories.

These stories from Dan’s childhood is what propelled me to take the plunge to RV life and I promise you, I’ve never looked back.

But that’s not all, guys.  RV’s are the ultimate life hack.  They make life and parenting so much easier …

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