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Where do you and your family get your travel inspiration?  From a book? From friends and family? Or, perhaps from a favorite movie or TV show? If it’s from a movie or TV show, you’re not alone!  Did you know that more than 40 million international travelers say Hollywood contributes to where they choose to visit?  Or at least dream of visiting. I know Roan Inish put the passion in me for a trip to Ireland. This phenomenon is called Set-Jetting. 

Set-Jetting to Croatia is what everyone should be doing today!
Straight out of a movie set, Dubrovnik is calling all those with wanderlust.

All travelers love great scenery in their favorite films or TV shows. I mean it inspires us to do some research, it occasionally shows us places we’ve never heard of or considered. And, almost always, it inspires us to hit the road and visit in person. 

Cinematographers and directors love to find stunning corners of the world in which to set their films, for obvious reasons.  And, a lot of the time these settings serve as excellent inspiration for those of us with wanderlust.  Check out these four must see Set-Jetting locations across the globe that beckon a visit! 

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Kananaskis Country, Canada

Set-Jetting to Canada? Yes, please.
Awesome movie, awesome scenery! Photo: Bagogames.com

The Canadian Wilderness is ideal for Set-Jetting. There are a plethora of wonderful locales for adventurers that are filled with natural beauty. Kananaskis Country is one of these unbelievably beautiful places.  Kananaskis Country has been showcased in film more than you may realize in recent years.

That’s because this is where most of The Revenant was filmed.

Director Alejandro G. Inarritu and his cast and crew traveled through North and South American Mountain Ranges chasing winter scenes.  But, rest assured, the bulk of the film is here, in Kananaskis Country. Director Inarritu chose this glorious park system that envelops some of the world’s most stunning views.  These views makes it an epic and highly sought after Set-Jetting location.

The Revenant, as you may recall, was the film that finally landed Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar.  This movie was also remarkable for its scenery. If you like to camp, hike, and enjoy the wilderness, put Kananaskis Country on your radar.  Here you’ll find some of the most amazing scenery in this region of Canada.  Mr Inarritu did the hard work, all you have to do is plan your Set-Jetting adventure!

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Set-Jetting is something I'm going to have to try!
I could be persuaded to visit Croatia, anyone want to join me?

If there is a unique Set-Jetting locale that is complete with adventure and beauty, the Dalmation Coast would be at the top of my list. Croatia has made the top list of Set-Jetting locations partly due to the overwhelmingly popular TV Show, Game of Thrones.

We think of HBO’s Game Of Thrones as having inspired fantasy-like entertainment. There have been video games, not just on consoles but online, where video slots now include live-action backgrounds.  Game Of Thrones has provided excellent visual subject matter for these games, played by millions around the world.

Game of Thrones has also inspired coloring books and cookbooks, allowing people to enjoy scenes and even meals from the GOT show in new ways. And we hear there will be spin-off TV shows delving into all new fantasies from the world of George R.R. Martin.

Did you know that the GOT world  was inspired by real places around the globe. Most famously, the fictional capital of King’s Landing has been brought to life via a CGI-altered take on Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the surrounding Dalmatian Coast. This is a gorgeous Mediterranean area full of pretty beaches and pleasant towns, and it’s moree interesting than ever thanks to the show. Planning your Set-Jetting fantasy is as easy as turning on the TV!

Shaba National Game Reserve, Kenya

Set-Jetting to Kenya for a Safari!
I have always wanted to go on a Safari … perhaps this is just the motivation I need. Photo: HandsLive

Africa has to be the most misunderstood, RAW, wild, amazing Set-Jetting locale on the planet. I have always lusted after the idea of a Safari. Zoos repulse me, real wildlife in their natural habitats … that’s the ideal natural Set-Jetting trip!

If you’re more of a fan of classic films, there might be one that stands above all the rest for its association with wanderlust. Out Of Africa, starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, is still recognized as one of the better achievements in cinematography of all time.

Because it’s largely about the very idea of getting comfortable in a foreign land and specifically exploring Africa, the movie is more deeply connected to its setting than most any other cinematic project. Indeed, it’s even been credited with sparking more worldwide interest in travel to Kenya.

The film was shot in numerous locations around the country, but the Shaba National Game Reserve is where many of the outdoor scenes on the savanna were filmed. Those were certainly among the most striking shots. 

New Orleans, United States

Set-Jetting to New Orleans based on a plethora of movies, TV and video games!
I’ve been to New Orleans twice and I’m certain I’ve only touched the tip of the city! Photo: Susie Kellogg

Most people don’t think of New Orleans as a Set-Jetting location, but with so much to offer, the city is robust with history, adventure and culture!

The city of New Orleans has been the subject of so many fictional depictions it almost seems like a piece of fiction itself. It’s been the setting for many films, as well as the famous novel A Confederacy Of Dunces.

Over the years, numerous video games have also used New Orleans as a backdrop.  From Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation  to James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing.  

Usually what we see is a sort of caricature of a multi-cultural city with an almost mystical vibe. But Treme, a renowned HBO TV show, offered a far more genuine and in-depth take on this city that correctly conveyed it as a fascinating place to visit. New Orleans certainly has its quirks, but if you’ve been there, you  know that it’s also a vibrant and unique destination, and one that you can get more out of than a single trip down Bourbon Street!

Set-Jetting from the Revenant and GOT!

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