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  1. my only question is the financial one are you living off investments, or is there some other sourse of income.
    My dad did this for our family in the 70’s. We spent a whole summer R V ing and loved it. I never had enough cash flow to do it for my family but we did “bonzi runs’ to great places like drive streight through to Fl. for a long weekend or hit Martigraw in L.A.and be back on tuesday. a lot of driving but a lot of fun always in a motor home. we could even switch drivers on the run when the cruise control worked.
    so enjoy and keep the negitive behind you

  2. This is awesome! I’m an older mom and we both enjoy camping so your story is giving me some great ideas! Keep on keeping on!

  3. This works for this family! What a rich experience for everyone. These parents

    are giving their kids a good experience in getting along with all kinds of people,
    and experiencing how to cope in small quarters, and what REALLY IS IMPORTANT in life-Family, love, education. Not everyone can do this however.
    I’m glad that this family is having the time of their lives. What a rich experience
    to grow up in!! Good luck and many happy days ahead for you all.

  4. How fantastic ! I just now saw one of your posts, after seeing your story in yahoo news. What a wonderful experience for all of you. Something like this takes a lot of courage, vision, hard work, and most of all, great bonding of a family. Looks like u have it all together. I dont need to know the source of funding for this way of life, but whatever it is, I can tell that you enjoy this life together and applaud all of you. I will check now and then since i now know of you all. ….. grandpa bill

  5. That’s how I found you, the Yahoo article. I’ve been feeling for a long time now that we were not really “living”. …a common phenomenon that I often discuss with friends, family, and my college students. I read your article and felt like my chest rise with happiness. We have decided to make a 1 year exit plan. My kids and husband are just as exhilarated. Thanks for sharing your story. It is extremely inspiring….

  6. Yahoo is how I found about your family adventure. As a traveler, I lOVE reading stories like this.

    I love your enthusiam about life. What we do with our lives is our gift to God – the giver and taker of life.

  7. After reading the Yahoo article and the boneheaded comments I just wanted to tell you I admire you and what you are doing. It’s actually my retirement plan!

    Now a question for Dan, and be completely honest… Do you find yourself channeling your inner Clark Griswold as you pass landmarks? “Hey look kids, there’s Big Ben, and there’s Parliament… again.”

  8. Imagine my surprise to see your family on the front page of Yahoo news! We wish you all well and look forward to following you on your website. FYI, Juma is the best dog EVER! We love her so much and your family gave her the best start ever. We are so grateful. Go Kelloggs!


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