Xoom Cubes Review!!

We are quite possibly the most competitive people on the planet.  We all love to win and this makes our game nights extremely interesting, if not down-right crazy.  We play games ALL the time.  My preference is word games because when it comes to these games, I’m unbeatable!   Scrabble, Scrabble Slam, Boggle, Apples To Apples, Balderdash, UpWords … all my favorites!  Now enter Xoom Cubes!   Xoom Cubes is a spelling game!!   I know, be still my heart … it’s a homeschool mom’s dream … something that is fun and educational and doesn’t require hours upon hours of our precious time.

It’s a great game to throw down on the table while you are cooking dinner or to play after dinner.  It’s a great game to wind down the day with, or as I found out, a perfect addition to our homeschool day.  If I’m helping one of the other kids, I pull out Xoom Cubes and occupy the other kids with this game!  It can be played a gazillion different ways, you can follow one of the many suggestions on the “how to play” sheet or you can make up your own games … perfect for the younger crowd that is just beginning to spell and for sight word practice!  It’s even great for practicing spelling lists!

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We visited family on Thanksgiving and brought this game with us.   While we waited for dinner to be ready,  Kady pulled out Xoom Cubes (now also known for it’s awkward silence busting qualities) and suddenly everyone was talking about the game.  The ice was breaking and people were congregating.  8 of us grabbed a color and we decided to play a letter race with 5-letter-words.  Each player chose a color of dice and we all sat in a circle.  We agreed to a specific challenge and that was to spell a 5 letter word out of the 14 cubes. We all then rolled our cubes simultaneously and the first person to spell a 5 letter word wins that round.  We agreed on 8 rounds.  It was so much fun (I won).

We then played a Potluck Game where everyone rolls their cubes into a big pile in the center of the table.  You then try to spell as many words as possible until there are no more cubes in the pile.  This gets a little crazy as everyone is getting slightly physical to get the best angle over the pile!  We said no-one could touch the cubes unless they were going to use them.  The person with the most words win.  Before we knew it dinner was ready!  After dinner the competition began anew.  It was so much fun trying to outwit friends and family.  And it’s a great way to get unfamiliar guests talking and mingling at a party.  For all the holiday parties it would be a great idea to have a few of these scattered throughout the rooms!  Xoom Cubes would also make a great host/hostess gift!   I’m one of those people who is drawn in by packaging and Xoom Cubes is impressively packaged … very modern, very clean and intriguing.

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And speaking of gifts, this game is perfect for any family with kids of any age.  Homeschooling moms, this is it.  It’s the ultimate “As You Wait” game!  As you wait for mommy to finish, play Xoom Cubes!  🙂  It’s small and compact too, so it’s a take anywhere game making it quite possibly the most versatile game, ever!

I’m so lucky to be able to offer 2 Xoom Cubes to one lucky winner!!!  Simply visit the following link to enter!   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kellogg-Show/129035930464023?sk=app_228910107186452   And even though only one person can win Xoom Cubes in the giveaway I want all my readers to receive something special.   And so, the people at Xoom Cubes would like to extend to all of you a special offer of FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. when you purchase the game from XoomCubes.com.  Simply use Promo Code XOOM4FUN.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to add Xoom Cubes to your family’s game collection for the holidays. This code will only work at XoomCubes.com so be sure to go there for all purchases and to learn more about the game!!!



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  1. I’ve been scouring the Internet for age appropriate spelling games. This sounds perfect, though it didn’t come up on any searches!! Thanks!


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