What Gear Does A World Class Kayaker Use? Kady Kellogg Answers …

 As an athlete one of the most common questions I am asked is “What gear do you use?”. A simple answer is “The best!”.

  I use a lot of Kokatat Water Sportswear gear. My favorite of which is my new Gore-Tex Meridian Dry Suit. Kokatat’s most popular drysuit. It has a zipper on the chest which I find very easy to get in and out of, but some people prefer the zipper on the back and of course, Kokatat has several of those as well!  One of the great things about this dry suit is that it has a life-time warranty. I am very pleased with this dry suit, it has kept me so dry!  This is my dry suit right here:  http://kokatat.com/products/dry-suits/gore-texr-meridian-dry-suit-with-drop-seatwomen.html


  My fleece is so awesome! It’s kept me so warm when paddling during the winter in the freezing cold water.  It’s a Kokatat Polartec Power Dry OuterCore Long Sleeve. It’s OuterCore transports moisture away from the body enhancing the warmth and comfort. This is my fleece right here: http://kokatat.com/products/insulation/outercore-long-sleeve-women.html

  My next piece of kokatat gear is the Seekers. They are very flexible booties so you can wear them in your play boats. They are also ultra-lightweight and super comfortable. I recommend not wearing them for creeking. Kokatat has a more heavy duty pair of booties for that called the “Portage”. This is the Footware I use for playboating:  http://kokatat.com/products/footwear/seeker.html

   Tevas are great for creeking as well.  I also use my Tevas for SUP boarding. They have really good grip to stand on rocks for scouting a rapid and to stand on a board. I love them! This is a link to the Teva site: http://www.teva.com/shop.html?source=ggl_ppc&bcd=s08u0wzAc&pcrid=49153548601&pkw=teva&pmt=e&pdv=c&gclid=CjkKEQjw-uubBRDs6rqExIXy7ZsBEiQACq4FqV8cmtFPavqjcNpDre_kwHn3qE-VlE1tpV0v-gz-hbbw_wcB

   My favorite skirt is the Snap Dragon White Water Expedition. It is super durable and it is also optional for you to put an implosion bar in it. Mine has one because I use it for creeking and that way my skirt doesn’t implode on me. It’s a great skirt! Here is the Snap Dragon web page: http://snapdragondesign.com/products-page/


   I use a Shred Ready Super Scrappy Helmet and I love it! It’s very comfortable. For a Full-Face I use a WRSI because it’s the only company I know of that makes kid size full-faces. Here is the link for Shredy Ready water sports helmets: http://shredready.quivers.com/c/339 and this is my WRSI full-face: http://www.wrsisafety.com/moment_red.asp



  My PFD and Dry Top are also Kokatat. I love the Orbit Tour and the Maximus PFD. The Maximus has padding on the shoulder so you can rest your boat on your shoulder when carrying it. Both of the PFD’s I can easily move all around to do a trick. Here is the link for the Maximus PFD: http://kokatat.com/products/pfd/maximus-pfd.html and this is my Orbit Tour PFD: http://kokatat.com/products/pfd/orbit-tour-pfd.html


   I have a Kokatat Gore-Tex Rogue Dry Top. It is great for year round kayaking and keeps you really dry. This is the Dry Top I use: http://kokatat.com/products/dry-tops/gore-texr-rogue-dry-top-women.html


  For my boats I use all Jackson boats because they really are the best.  For playboating I choose the new 2014 Jackson Kayak Rock Star SM.  For creeking I use the Jackson Karma SM and for river running I use the Zen 55’. The Rock Star is my favorite boat of all time! Its the BEST playboating boat! All Jackson boats are super comfortable and I find the Zen to be the easiest to roll. The Karma is an awesome creeking boat, it boof’s like a boss! Here is the link for Jackson Kayaks Whitewater Kayaks: http://jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks-4/whitewater-kayak/?discipline=whitewater


 Then for Stand Up Paddling I use the SUPerCharger when I want to be challenged on a class lll rapid. Is very stable and goes right through waves and holes, it’s also my choice for Boater Cross Competitions. I love Glide boards for surfing and SUP Slalom because they are very light boards so you can turn them around easily and go fast. My favorite one is the Glide Mongo. Here is a link to all the Glide boards: http://www.glidesup.com/collections/all


  If I did not answer someones question feel free to ask! – – Kady

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  1. You know your stuff. I don’t even know what half the words you used mean. LOL We took our big family kayak out the other day and putted around the little lakes (just water retention ponds actually.) We sound so boring compared to you! Have a great day!


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