We Head to the Shooting Range

I know the subject of guns is touchy, a lot of my friends abhor the mere thought of guns and refuse to allow their children around them, even in the most controlled environments.  However, for me and Dan (a former Marine and Expert Marksman) our focus is on teaching our kids how to safely handle guns and increase their skills at the same time.  We truly believe that by teaching our children to respect guns and how to safely use them, we are ensuring their safety.

One of the ways in which we accomplish this is to take them shooting as often as possible.  As with everything, the more often you take your children shooting, the more knowledgeable they will be.

This was my first time at a shooting range, any other time we have shot guns, we have been out in the backcountry.  The gun range was a totally different experience, I admit I was slightly freaked out.  But Dan and his brother James have experience and they knew what to expect, so they handled it!    It was a really amazing experience, especially for the younger kids who have never shot a real gun.

Maddy and Rowdy were slightly intimidated at first. They were worried about the kick back, which was no laughing matter, but like everything else, they watched their brothers and sisters and their mom and dad shoot and eventually decided to give it a shot (pun intended).

This fall we are all (all meaning the boys and maybe Kady) are going to learn to hunt.  It is a way of life for many and a survival skill that certainly gives you an edge so you aren’t solely dependent on grocery stores for your food.  I’m not a prepper by any means, but I take great comfort in knowing we can survive any disaster or attack.  Hunting is just another skill in an arsenal of many.

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