Time Travelers: New World Explorers Review

As a full-traveling roadschool family of 14 our curriculum for almost every subject is hands-on.  History, in particular, is one of the easiest subjects to teach without EVER EVER opening a book.  Our country, from coast-to-coast is one big History lesson, in fact, our kids have learned more about History in the past two years than I did in 17 years of school!!!

 Which is why I’m shocked that I loved the Time Travelers: New World Explorers Series!!  I loved it, the kids loved it and they learned so much that when we went to history laden places like Williamsburg, VA and Plymouth Rock they already knew so much of what they were hearing that they were able to garner so much more from the experience!

That in itself is something to rave about.  History is often not the subject of choice.  It’s notorious for being boring and dry. And so the fact that my adventurous, hands-on learning kiddos loved this curriculum speaks to it’s fun and enjoyability!!

Time Travelers: New World Explorers Series is a game changer in the world of History in that the kids are involved in every aspect and it’s written with emotion and excitement.  Students who are used to learning by doing will not feel shackled by an actual curriculum and children who are used to learning by lectures and reading will welcome this History Curriculum with renewed energy toward learning!!

New World Explorers contains 25 lessons covering Reasons for Exploration, A Sailor’s Life, Ships, Navigation, 23 Explorer Profiles, Pirates (a fav amongst the kids) and more!   What I particularly liked about this curriculum is that everything you need is on 1 CD!  Text lessons, teacher’s instructions, lesson plan schedules, and project master … it’s all on one CD.  You can choose to read all of it off the screen, but you do need to print the project masters.  The reason I LOVE this concept is that each family only needs to purchase 1 CD … you can then print out as many copies as you need!!!  That is a homeshooling mom with a large family’s dream!

Each lesson begins with a 3-4 page introduction to what is to be learned that day.  Then immediately the students delve into the activities they choose.  I allowed the kids to individually choose which projects they wanted to complete as they are so different in their learning style as well as their interests.

And oh boy, does this curriculum include an incredibly wide array of project choices.  From creative writing to science experiments to European Recipes (a huge hit amongst my culinary deprived children), notebooking activities and even 3-dimensional projects! Amongs the favorites were file folder games, notebooking activities and we even did a diorama!!  Remember those from your school days?  These hands on activities offer the creative child an outlet for learning to coincide with their creativity!

They really got into the mapping and learning in a seemingly first-hand way about the lives of the first explorers, even reading further about particular explorers that caught their attention.  I also have to rave about the thorough directions for the activities.  While my children are incredibly artistic, I am not.  I don’t craft, I don’t draw, I capped out at stick figures, so the fact that I could assist in the projects at all is 100% due to the well written instructions for each!!

All in all there are 7 Time Travelers Series ranging from New World Explorers all the way to World War II.  I can’t wait to try the next in the series:  Colonial Life!

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  1. I love Time Travelers. I just wish it wasn’t so costly, but when you factor in like you said, only one CD for the whole family, that’s something! A new pespective. Thanks!

  2. Fun history? I thought I knew every curriculum out there. How did something that sounds so great slip past me? Thanks KS, we’ve been using Abeka and it’s — ok.


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