The Most Amazing Secret Contest! Caleb Hanie Prompts Me To Make Shout Outs

aleb Hanie, Caleb Hanie, Caleb Hanie … How many times do I have to write that to get ranked in the top 10 on Google? Caleb Haine. =0 PS – Very disappointed in the Jets.

So the highschool experiment was secretly successful!! I think next time I’ll go public!! =0 Congrats to Greg at gregnkellz for winning this “secret society contest” — you da bomb & hey btw thanks for putting our video on your playlist! Way cool.

Check out these great YouTubers:

The last tag is shamelessly self-promoting!! =0

2 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Secret Contest! Caleb Hanie Prompts Me To Make Shout Outs”

  1. Hi Kellogg Family,

    Just spent all day watching you videos (not well at mo so am bed bound) clicked on the website link after watching your last video in Moab. Been working backwards (yep, this gives you an insight into my mind lol) And as I am now riddled with guilt for not commenting or more importantly hitting thumbs up, I thought I would leave this long boring ramble. You guys are such an inspiration.

    Take Care and continue being nice to each other,

    Much love and peace


    p.s. I have two grownup daughters and they use to fight like cat and dog so I am amazed there is no bickering. Good job kids 🙂


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