The Great Whip Cream Bust – Video Surveillance

My kids called “Uncle” this past weekend in the never ending saga of who is sneaking the food outta the fridge.

When I say never ending, I literally mean that since my oldest daughter Kerry was old enough to open the fridge, food mysteriously began to disappear.  When it was her as a little toddler, I knew exactly who the culprit was.

Fast forward a few years and with 12 kids who are always starving and who are as literal as Bill Clinton was on the day he proclaimed, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is,” it’s difficult to stay one step ahead.

These are children who when I say, “Did you hit her?”  respond with, “No.”  Minutes later I find out that she indeed did not hit, but rather kicked.  Literally.

In an attempt to curb their incessant fridge sneaking I began telling them we had cameras in the house, which worked for a few hours, until the older kids had searched the entire house for evidence of cameras and called my bluff.  Yes, my children are smarter than me, always have been, always will be!

Today, technology is such that for a reasonable fee, we really can keep an eye on our kids and at the same time keep our home safe and secure both inside and out.  The Panasonic Home Surveillance System I used for this video records onto a memory card for easy replay and with a simple download of an app, can be viewed via an iPad.

Of course, Panasonic didn’t have this in mind when they developed this very serious and technologically brillaint piece of equipment.  They intended it to be used for safety, I’m sure.  However, I simply couldn’t resist catching my kids sneaking.   I just can’t wait to catch more than just my kids, like all the wildlife that ventures into our yard, from bears to turkey.

It will be super cool to be watching the bears trying to open our garage.  In fact, Grady and Brody have climbed the roof and waited for bears to appear in the middle of the night.  No more of that with this handy dandy video surveillance system!

I hope I never need it for protection purposes … ya know? Can it deter illegal activities?  Of course!

Video Surveillance rules!


Oh, and PS – I was given this camera to review, but all thoughts are my own … I cannot be bought.


5 thoughts on “The Great Whip Cream Bust – Video Surveillance”

  1. Kids should be able to eat whenever they want, no child should be hungry. But thats besides the point because this was a forced video if ive ever seen one. Is this what we get to look foward to, the Kelloggs of the future become major sell outs

    • As a parent, I don’t agree kids should be able to eat whenever and whatever they want — though kids should never be hungry for sure!! And if doing something for something in return is a sell-out, then I guess every employed person in the world is a sell out. Be real and don’t hide when you comment, dude, kinda cowardly. Just sayin.


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