The Case Against Reusable Grocery Bags

Our little bitty town is going off the environmental deep end.  We are discussing a plastic bag fee up to $.25 per bag.  WTH??  Is this nuts? I sure thought so and posted as much on my facebook and I was inundated by responses.  I received 2 in favor of reusable bags and umpteen against.  I even witnessed a cat-fight, which was beyond amusing.  However, I decided to conduct my own research because the argument for these reusable bags just is ludicrous to me. And, after the research it’s still as dumb as dumb can be.  Someone, somewhere offer me something other than its good stewardship and the generic “it’s good for the environment” because for my crazy lifestyle it’s more of a hardship.  Sure if I stayed home and watched TV all day or ran my life like the CEO of a company or didn’t prioritize fun with my kids, then yeah, reusable bags would be great.  I know people who are incredibly organized and sure maybe reusable bags are doable, but for real, I just make it through every day!!  I betcha I’d remember those bags … NEVER.  I was given this awesome grocery cart cover when Maddy was born and I’ve never ever remembered to bring it to the store! Reusable grocery bags mean I must 1) remember to bring them or 2) keep them in my vehicle (as if they wouldn’t be used for a host of other things).

But the whole idea seemed fishy to me as I am a clean freak.   I thought I buy meat and what-not from the grocer and sure enough … they are found to be huge harborers of E-Coli and other nasty bacteria!!  Yuk.  So what?  Just wash ’em (loser), right?  No way!  I would be forced to sterilize my reusable shopping bags with bleach and hot water after use which would obviously kill most of the existing bacteria. Of course, wouldn’t this pose environmental risks to the water table as more chlorine bleached enters as it’s rinsed down the drain?  Hypocrisy I say!  =0

But then even if I were to do that, according to studies 97% of consumers do not.  So what, you say?  So … cross-contamination, and food poisoning, duh!  It seems the only way for me to ensure my purchases are not contaminated by the previous dirty scoundrel customer is to demand the checker wash his/her hands prior to touching my bags.  I can see it now.  Excuse me Ethel, would you mind taking a break and going to the latrine to wash your hands?  Employee Productivity has nothing on the health of me and my family!  =0

Let’s delve further.  If you are so laundry savvy and so put together that you don’t leave your reusable bags at home or manage to keep them neatly in your car … I know, it’s a stretch, but let’s pretend, use our imaginations, k?  They must be washed.  Plain and simple.  After every use they must be washed, with bleach and water.  OR if you find that to be ridiculous (what other way do you eliminate E Coli?) or counter productive, then you would use your washing machine, correct?  OK.  Well, you still won’t be in the favor of the environmentalists as laundry detergent is notoriously bad for the environment.  And so are dryers!  But shoot, so are cows (the carbon tax) … so drop the farm raised cows , grow your own garden and like the facebook guy only eat meat you kill yourself.

Come on, where does it end.  Do we seriously go back to the days when cars had wooden wheels?  Or, forget cars altogether … families should own a horse and buggy, for realz!  I think if you feel like using reusable bags and are not concerned by the health risk – go for it, but to charge a fee, which, let’s face it is a tax, is absurd.  Especially when your Mayor begins to go all Pelosi on ya and claims the tax will be on everyone, except maybe the hunters because during hunting season, business might be hurt.  Sounds much like the Health Care Waivers to me.

Now go ahead, discuss!!!!  =0  Comment, I want to be enlightened or authenticated …

5 thoughts on “The Case Against Reusable Grocery Bags”

  1. I like that you kept this light and I can’t decide whether its sarcastic or not, but I really agree. I’m so tired of the liberal crazies with their hypocrisy. You either want to save the planet or you don’t. If you do, reduce your home size, buy a smart car, pay extra for the light bulbs, etc. Plastic bags alone won’t make a difference and if you offer them to people with a $.25 fee, I’d take the fee over the inconvenience. It’s like your Cafeteria Catholics – they tout their holiness, but they’ve got a different life on the inside. You keep going, I love everything you put out there. God Bless.

    • it was a bit of a spoof, but for real … i can’t keep up as it is, don’t want to add something so mundane as washing my grocery bags! =0


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