Best Guide To Hiking Grays and Torreys: Gear, Duration, Routes, Camping – KelloggShow

Grays and Torreys Colorado 14er

Planning on a Grays and Torrey’s summit, are ya? At 14,270 and 14,267 respectfully, Grays and Torreys is a great day hike for anyone hoping to bag two Colorado 14ers in one day! Fun fact: Grays is the highest peak on the Continental Divide. It’s a beautiful hike and the views are obviously stunning from … Read more

Mt. Elbert – Hiking North Mt Elbert Trail to Highest Point in Colorado

This was the worst hike I’d ever done. Easiest Coloado 14’er, they say? No way. Mt. Princeton was easier and I nearly died on that mountain. Trust me, do not trust anything you read about this mountain-unless it is truthfully hard hitting. As we live in Colorado, we are pretty well versed on hiking Colorado, … Read more


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