Quentin Tarantino: An Example of All That’s Wrong With Society

Quentin Tarantino.  

Can I just say, What a punk.

Seriously.  It takes some kind of stupid to attend an anti-police rally and stand up in front of like-minded idiot protesters and call cops, “murderers”.  I mean, public figures have to take more caution in the things they say, lest they incite an already violent people to more violence.

And Hollywood agrees.  Remarkably.  But not for moral reasons, of course, rather financial.  Harvey Weinstein is reportedly ticked off at Tarantino because he’s worried about boycotts of his films.

And, apparently his fear is justified.  The police officer’s boycott of Tarantino’s films is growing exponentially.  Well,  Duh!

It seems, that the police don’t like being called murderers. Who would have ever thunk it?

One police union after another has boycotted Tarantino, and as of last Friday, the National Association of Police Organizations, which represents police units and associations and over 241,000 law enforcement officers, called for a total boycott of all his films.  All of them.  Including the upcoming, “Hateful Eight.”

Uh oh.

I guess you could look at this and think, here’s a dude who is unaffected by the media, by “haters” and stands strong on his convictions, regardless how bizarre they are.  And I would, because, let’s face it … Hollywood is crazy, so nothing coming out of there surprises me!

But, no, Tarantino is expected to apologize for his words, because … Harvey Weinstein.  And the fact that his bank account may suffer.  But then he blows everyone away by “refusing to apologize” and issuing this shocker:  “All cops are not murderers,” Tarantino told The Times in his first public response to the controversy. “I never said that. I never even implied that.”

Of course, you have to hand it to him.  He’s not backing down … too much … well, maybe … just a little.

Tarantino doesn’t get it.  The guy is at an anti-cop rally.  It doesn’t really matter if he thinks ALL cops are murderers, does it?  He’s at an anti-cop rally.  Not anti-“a-specific”-cop, not anti-“bad”-cop rally, but at an anticop rally, meaning all of them.   And, he actually led the rally!  OMGsh,  he can’t distance himself now, can he?  I guess he can try … and he is trying.

And this, my friends, is what is wrong with this world.  No-one has convictions, values, or morals, based on anything good and moral.  Least of all those caught up in the void that is Hollywood.

Sure, Tarantino’s words were disgusting, reprehensible, and even scandalous, but he said them, we would assume, because he believed them.  And maybe he doesn’t believe every last breathing cop is a murderer, but you have to believe the majority are bad if you are at an anti-cop rally, otherwise, what’s the point?

Most likely he does. In a society where the devil has succeeded in convincing mass numbers of people that good is evil and evil is good, why would we expect anything more?  Who attends rally’s if you aren’t a supporter of what the rally stands for?  You wouldn’t catch me dead at an anti-gun rally or a pro-Planned Parenthood rally.  I think it’s much more likely that Quentin just can’t take the heat and now he’s back-peddling, like they all do.

It’s the same thing with our leaders in Washington.  The. Exact. Same. Freaking. Thing.

They talk, and talk and talk.  They even outright promise things to get elected and then have a lobotomy on their way to DC.

It’s like they sold their soul for power and must pay up the minute they arrive.  Today, I have to wonder if there is a man (or woman) standing whose word is good?  Actually, I know a few, but only a few.

But it’s not just Hollywood and it’s not just DC, it’s people everywhere.  I’m becoming jaded.  I’m starting to think most people are liars.  At least 50% of our society are liars if you simply look at divorce rates.

As a result, I’m doing my best to raise kids who mean what they say.  Kids who don’t have to say much because their actions scream honor and truth.  Kids who don’t stand by fire expecting not to sweat.

None of us are immune from ridicule and hate, that’s for sure.  If you stand for righteousness, though, it seems you are a major target.  We are now viewed as the enemy, threatening the lives of everyone around us with our nutty religious views.

It’s a really weird twist on morality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stand tall.  it doesn’t mean we remain quiet.  It, counter-intuitively, means we get up and speak louder than ever.

It is somewhat odd to me, that Tarantino, a “privileged white dude” by anyone’s definition was even at an anti-cop rally.  That anyone there even wanted to hear a word he said.

Really, dude.  Sure, he’s been arrested and booked for various crimes, which, understandably probably made him strongly dislike the men in blue … but to call them “murderers”?

He’s crazy rich, though.  Part of those 1%’ers that liberals love to hate.   And being filthy rich, if you listen to the rhetoric, I’m sure he just paid his fine or whatever, maybe paid off a few people along the way, and boom problem solved.  Back to lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Quentin, dude, surely if you needed to vent some angst, you could have found a reasonably dishonorable profession to rally against.  Planned Parenthood comes to mind. Quite fitting if you wanted to sling “murderers” at someone.

But, Harvey would be equally pissed, I’m sure.

Now I don’t exactly love cops. I’m not a fan of being harassed by local PD because I happen to have a gazillion kids and my ex-mayor neighbor hates kids.  And you know, I despise being pulled over, that’s a major drag.  And I really can’t stand being told what to do, in general, by anyone, ask my mom, I’m a free spirit.

But, come on, the vast majority of cops are good people and really should have the support of the vast majority of society, who are also good people.

It’s probably just as socially awkward to talk favorably about police officers today as it is to support traditional marriage.  It’s perplexing.

But not really if you follow the evidence train. Parents have checked out. Tarantino, himself, claims to not have been raised by his father, he says he doesn’t even know him.  Sad.

This parenting gig isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s freaking nearly impossible, especially with all the outrageous stuff going on out there.  I can’t tell you the stories my oldest daughter came home with from the local high school (my greatest regret is not having started homeschooling earlier) … the things that went on there would make your head spin.

But, I guess that’s why so many parents check out.  They either quit or were never really in the game to begin with.

But, if we are to turn the tide and win this battle against evil, we need parents to commit.  We need parents to want more than anything else for their kids to get to heaven.  And, if that’s what your goal is for your children, then teaching them HOW to get their needs to be your top priority.

Diligence is the name of the game.  Teaching your children about God, teaching them morality and values is, quite possibly, the only way to save them from the clutches of the devil.  Sound dramatic?  Well it is … don’t you think?

Sex, drugs, co-habitation, abortion, alcohol combined with zero parental involvement, zero sense of right and wrong … makes for the perfect storm, don’t you think?

When you think of parenting as the foundation upon which your children’s eternal future is based upon, it changes everything.  Money and grades, popularity and success pale in comparison to eternal life in Heaven.

And when your focus is on this one and only goal, you begin to enjoy your children more.  You want to spend time with them because you want to be influential.  Long hours in the office making the boss happy is meaningless when you have kids you need to prepare for a life that is worthy of Heaven.

This, my friends, is how we change society.  We strengthen the family and we love our children enough to make their souls our priority.

Today is the day for change.  The day to prioritize your life and make it meaningful beyond your bank account, your cars and your status.  Family.  It’s the end all and be all of this life here on earth.  

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