Purging Your Inner Circle … Matthew 7:6 Don’t Cast Your Pearl Amongst Swine

I find this to be absolutely 100% applicable to our lives right now.  We are in the process of purging our inner circle … goodbye negative, miserable anchors, hello positive happy eagles …

Your destiny is too big to get their on your own. God has already arranged certain people to speak faith into you. He has placed in your path people to inspire you, to challenge you, to help you grow and accomplish your dreams. The reason some people never reach their highest potential is because they never get away from the wrong people.

Everyone cannot go where God is taking you. You have to connect with people that understand your destiny, people that appreciate your uniqueness and people that can call forth your seeds of greatness. You don’t need people who are always pushing you down, telling what you can’t become, never giving you their approval no matter how good you do. Life is too short to drag them along; if you get the wrong people out of your life, you leave room for God to bring the right people into your life.

For some people the only thing holding them back is their inner circle. The people closest to you are with you but they are not really for you. If you have to persuade them that you are ok and convince them to get behind you then they are not good for you. Don’t spend all your time and energy on people that don’t understand your destiny. Don’t live your life trying to please others that are close to you that don’t believe in you. Some people you have to love from a distance, they can still be your friends and family but they are just not worthy of your inner circle.

MATTHEW 7:6 Don’t cast your pearls among swine.
Your pearl is your gift, your personality, it is who you are. When you around true friends, people that believe in you they won’t be jealous of your gifts. They won’t constantly question who you are, they won’t try to talk you out of your dreams it will be just the opposite. They will help you polish your pearl, enhance your pearl, develop your pearl, grow your pearl. They will give you ideas, they will connect you with people they know and they will help push you further along. Don’t stay around people that don’t value your gifts or appreciate what you have to offer that is casting your pearl among swine.

Your inner circle should be people that celebrate who you are, people that are happy when you succeed not someone who is always trying to outperform you or incessantly pointing out what you are doing wrong. It should be people that believe the very best in you and if that is not who is in your inner circle you need to gradually start to pull away. You can be nice, be friends from a distance but your time is too valuable to spend it with people that are not 100% in your corner. It is not the quantity of friends that is important,it’s the quality of friends.

When you are in the heat of a battle, when you are in a situation when you need God’s favor, you cannot afford to have people in your inner circle who are working against you and spewing negative energy. You need people that know who you are, people who are joined in spirit with you and people that will support you. You need people that will root for you, fight for you, and release their faith upon you, not people that will tell you what you can’t do and release their doubt upon you.

You may be around people who are constantly pulling you down; telling you what you can’t become or why you will never be successful. It’s scriptural to show them the door, it may be difficult but you have to have the attitude that you cannot fulfill your destiny with your critical spirit.

Jesus had to do it and he is the son of God so can you. Evaluate who is on your team. Who is speaking into your life? Who are you giving your time and energy too? Are they building you up or tearing you down? Are they inspiring you to go further or are they telling you what you can’t do? Are they modeling excellence, integrity, generosity and godliness? Or are they lazy compromisers not going any place in life? Don’t spend your time with people that don’t make you better.

You may not realize how much that one negative influence could be holding you back. You don’t know how much more you will accomplish, how much more you will grow if you just make necessary changes. You need to kindly and politely show these people the door. You may ask yourself “What if I hurt their feelings?” Here is a bigger way to look at it. What if they keep you from your destiny? What if they keep you from accomplishing your dreams and making a difference in the world? There is nothing worse than to come to the end of your life and you have not become what God created you to be.

A lot of times you know certain people are not good for you but you are scared to make a change for fear of not having any friends and being lonely. You may be lonely for a season but you never give up something for God that he doesn’t give you something back better in return. Make the change, God will only give you new friends he will give you better friends. This may mean you have to change who you eat lunch with at work. You know that person who is constantly complaining. You don’t need that poison going into your spirit. You may have to change those people that are always discouraged, always have a sad song, always dumping their problems on you expecting you to keep them fixed.

You should help and encourage people because that is what life is about however some people don’t want to be helped, they like the attention that it brings them. They are energy suckers , an hour with them feels like you ran a marathon. As long as you allow it they will drain all of your energy, dump their problems and unload all their heartache. You can’t spend your whole life trying to pull someone else and expect to fulfill your God given destiny. Sometimes the best help you can give people like that is to not help them at all because all you are really doing is enabling their dysfunction. Many of them are relying on you as a crutch, they don’t have to take responsibility for their behavior and they don’t have to encourage themselves because they know you will always come running.
Don’t let others manipulate and control you. You have a destiny to fulfill; you have to surround yourselves with people that are not constantly taking something from you but with people who are putting something into you.

Are your friends making you stronger? Are they challenging you to become a better person? You cannot sour with the Eagles if you are hanging out with the turkeys. There may be some toxic relationships that you have to give up, those relationships that every time you leave that person you are worse than you were before. You cannot help a person who will not separate themselves from toxic relationships.

Life is too short, your time is too valuable, your destiny is too great to spend it with people who are constantly pulling you down draining the life and energy out of you. God has designed people to come into your life that will speak life into your dreams. When you get around the right people just their presence in your life will make you feel better, encouraged and inspired.


16 thoughts on “Purging Your Inner Circle … Matthew 7:6 Don’t Cast Your Pearl Amongst Swine”

  1. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this, thank you for passing this along, I’ve been at a loss for so many years. God Bless Your Family.

  2. There are some people who can’t stand to see you happy and thriving, those are the ones you want to cut! Joel Olsteen always teaches me something new.

  3. I am so glad I read this I felt so guilty for pushing certain friends and family away. They always seem so negative. I try to stay positive and don’t care for drama or negative influences in my life. Since one of the commandments is honor thy mother and thy father. I thought I was wrong. I now realize you can honor/love/respect them from a distance. God bless you and Thank You!!!!!

  4. This is truly uplifting for me as I’m sure it is for others. I often wonder if I’ll ever have true friends. I was jus thinkin wow a lot of people I know have 500, 800, even more than 2,000 “friends on FB. You are lucky if you have one true friend in life. Thanks

  5. I actually wanted to jot down a brief note in order to thank you for these magnificent blogs you are posting on this site. I feel somewhat privileged to have encountered your site and look forward to some more exciting times reading here. Thanks once again for everything.

  6. Yes, thank you, I so needed this. My family is crazy, my friends are crazy, no-one is ever my cheerleader. Thank you, time to clean house!

  7. Thank you so much for this. I have really struggled with what to do with very toxic / abusive siblings as a Christian. The words, “it is biblical to show them the door” was unbelievably freeing. I will continue to refer to this article whenever I begin to doubt my decision to move on. I will be sending this to others who are in desperate need to break free from serious toxic family abuse / shame / condemnation.

    • hey Randy! I hope you get it sorted quickly and fill your world with people who want only the best for you!! You are in our prayers.


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