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  1. You know, if you give a fetus the right to life, you’re basically enslaving the woman in whose body that fetus is growing, and if she harms the fetus at all, or ends up miscarrying it, birthing it prematurely, or ends up with a stillborn baby, she’ll be charged with the death of that fetus. And, since miscarriages, premature births, and stillbirths don’t always have cut-and-dry explanations behind them, it will often be extremely hard to prove that a woman didn’t intentionally kill the fetus. The woman will have to be constantly paranoid about what she eats, drinks, and does with her life, since she’ll constantly be afraid that she’ll be charged with murdering or harming the fetus inside of her. She won’t be able to live a happy, care-free life at all. Basically, the fetus inside of her will be ruling her life, and that won’t be at all her choice.

    Seriously, how can you be okay with that sort of a mindset, and how can you be okay with controlling women in that way? I understand that you care about fetuses, but why not care about women as well? (And no, forcing women through pregnancy and childbirth—which is what you’re doing, since you’re taking away the ability for a woman to choose not to go through with her pregnancy—is not caring at all, no matter how much you claim it is. Nor is treating pregnancy like a punishment—or “consequence,” as you put it, but we all know that “consequence” is a synonym for “punishment”—caring at all.)

    • I’ve had 11 children and I’ve managed to not be constantly afraid that I’ll be charged with murdering or harming the baby inside of me. I eat well, I don’t engage in risky behavior and I use common sense. Miscarriages are horrible and I know thousands of women have them and yet, somehow our jails are not overcrowded with women who have had miscarriages. I care deeply for women, I am one. I jsut advocate that if the woman deems the man she is sharing her body with worthy than she ought to deem him worthy of being a father … and maintain that the woman has many many choices before having sex. You are treating women like they are idiots and slaves of men and their suroundings. I would never ever claim that pregnancy is a punishment, I believe it is a blessing.

      Have you read the constitution? We all have 3 unalienable rights … life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you screw up your own life, doing whatever, you are responsible. You don’t have a right to happiness, you do have a right to life.

  2. It is so incredibly distressing to hear women speaking such falsehoods. Abortion kills, if it did not, it would not be a useful procedure, we wouldn’t have millionaires in the abortion industry. Abortion kills. Plain and simple. Women who callously open themselves up for sexual relationships outside of the realm of marriage are simply ruining their own lives. They make choices, it is never the baby’s fault. And, there is no argument denying the fact that abortion is painful to the baby, fetus, whatever! Disheartening to hear such selfishness from Hannah.


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