How To Stoke Your Passion For Travel While Stuck At Home – Bring The World To You

We are living in crazy times, friends. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring let alone next week and beyond. Many cities and even whole states are closing down in an attempt to control the spread of Covid 19. It’s hard to find ways to satisfy our Passion for Travel amidst the chaos. Even harder when you are supposed to be spending 6 weeks in Italy and the EU won’t let you in!

And, right now, in Colorado, not much has changed since the early days of the media stoking fear in the population. Still, 5+ months in, we are discouraged from gathering with friends and family, schools in our county are only functioning virtually, restaurants and bars are under oppressive guidelines and masks are mandated. Don’t even get me started. What started out as a two week request has ballooned into what we are being told is a new way of life.

But it is what it is. Literally. So, I’m concentrating my efforts on keeping Kellogg progeny entertained, fed, happy, healthy … spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Not much has changed for us around here, except I have realized that we took a lot for granted. Not the least of which, the freedom to  hit the road on a whim or hop on a plane for a family vacation.

During a period of time that I hope and pray is merely an inconvenience, I just happen to have 7 ways to bring the world and stoke your passion for travel when you are restricted:

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Read Travel Books – My Favorite!

Travel While Stuck at Home
Books, read, them. Devour, quench your thirst for knowledge by reading.

The easiest thing you can do to bring the world to you (and stoke your Passion for Travel) is to visit it through a book. Reading literally opens our minds to new possibilities and new ideas. It helps us experience and analyze the world through others’ lives. By reading about adventures, places, culture, people you are able to stay inspired as you dream about all your future possibilities.

Your mind can travel and experience more through a book than your body will ever manage.

Check out these amazing travel and adventure books:

If you are interested, please join our KelloggShow Private Group where you will be privvy to some of our favorite reads!

Watch Travel Movies

KelloggShow Wanderlust
I have always wanted to visit Ireland and watching GOT or movies with Irish scenery gets me every time.

Nothing stokes your passion for travel more than visual stimulation. Movies have the ability to draw real emotion and inspiration as we view actually locations. In fact, movies are one of the best instruments for inspiring a trip to a specific location. Have you ever watched a film that made you want to learn a new language, or experience what you saw on the silver screen?

I know I have, here are a few of our favorites films for stoking your passion for travel.

Read Your Travel Journals

KelloggShow Bring Travel to You
I love going back over my journals and reliving the good times and experiencing the tough times with the knowledge of how it all turned out!

As an avid writer, I love going back and reading about how I specifically was feeling about a locale, the culture, the people, the struggles, the excitement, the language and so on. It’s cool to go back and revisit with the benefit of hindsight. And I love to pull receipts out, or business cards, tiny photos and trinkets.

My travel journals take me back, into the past … its a mini time travel vacation.

Some of my favorite travel journals are …

Planning Your Next Trip

KelloggShow Wanderlust
Planning a trip, while stuck at home, is possibly the best way to stoke your passion.

Hopefully sooner rather than later Covid-19 will be old news and we can all start traveling again. Until then, while you are undoubtedly at home, beat the boredom and start planning the next great adventure!

We planned our Italy trip throughout the crazy Covid mess. It didn’t happen. So, guess what I’m doing now? Planning another trip somewhere else that permits entry to Americans!

Being at home can lead to a lot of boredom, frustration and, for some, anxiety. But if you start planning a trip, you stimulate your brain and get those travel juices flowing!

Learn a New Language

KelloggShow Wanderlust
We fully intend to eat a ton in Italy and reading a menu and ordering is of utmost importance.

I took five years of French as a Middle School/High School student and learned the alphabet and a few words.  I had no interest, saw no use and Madame Nelson kept her classroom at near freezing temps. It kept us alert, she said. But then, my interest in travel prompted me to really delve into language. Currently we are planning a trip to Italy, for a month in August … praying fervently for it to not be affected by Covid-19.

So, one of the ways we are ne of the first things we are doing is learning Italian, all of us. Duolingo is awesome for getting the hang of the language, learning phrases and words. We also discovered a FREE fast track program that US delegates to Italy use. It is phenomenal. We use the two simultaneously.

Read Travel Blogs

KelloggShow Wanderlust
Reading Travel Blogs gives you insight and inspiration about real trips to various locales!

Whether you are in the planning stages or just looking for inspirational reading, travel blogs are chock full of real life stories and insider tips, that can give you a ton of helpful advice, suggestions and incentives for your next epic trip!    My favorite travel stories are those that don’t sugar coat, that are real, and don’t have the same stories and tips as every other travel blog on the Internet.

I like to get a sense of who the writer is, I like to see off the beaten track destinations. I can find a plethora of information of the Coliseum in Rome, but not of that little swimming hole that all the locals enjoy. Get what I’m saying? We like to read bloggers like us, those who run into catastrophes and overcome, who seek to get to know the people, the place, the heart and soul of the neighborhoods. Where to eat for cheap, how to avoid crowds, what eateries are great for dates v families … etc.

Got suggestions? Please feel free to plug your favorite blog in the comment section below.

And, how about ya peruse, take a glance at these top favorites on our site. We’ve been hit with a bit of a lull in traffic in the month or so, since no-one is really traveling … THANKS CORONA.

Cook an Authentic Dish

KelloggShow Wanderlust
Nothing takes you back to your favorite places than the smells of the country!

While we are under a Stay at Home Order here in Colorado, we have been cooking a lot. I mean, I’ve literally turned into Susie Homemaker … on crack. I’m making bread, everything from sandwich bread to bagels, baguettes and pretzels! And, every night is an all out ethnic feast from either France or Italy.  It’s nuts and also pretty stinking cool.

I bought three cookbooks that I love, love, love.

For those of us who are near full time travelers, being at home is a stagnant time, we are so used to moving and exploring that home is anti-climactic. Especially right now amidst this pandemic, some of us may be feeling stressed, anxious, worried and maybe even fear. This is a time to cling to our families. It’s a time to support each other. Embrace your family, hang out with your kids, rekindle that marriage and reach out to those who are alone and in need of encouragement.

Use these tips to keep your passion for travel alive. The world will be waiting and ready for you when this is all over.

And don’t forget, I’d love to see some of your favorite Travel Blogs in the comment section below. Thanks for reading … ’till next time!

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