Is Pamela Geller Risking Our Lives?

In the wake of the ISIS attack in Texas and after reading the comments posted on various news articles, it occurred to me that we are willingly getting in line on a path to destruction, like lemmings marching off a cliff.

Pamela Geller is being criticized by many for her stand for Freedom of Speech, because she is “not acting Christian” or is “putting people’s lives at risk”. We are being told that she has the right to free speech, but she should not exercise that right because it offends someone else, and in this case it offends Muhammad and radical Islamic groups, like ISIS, are going to come and kill her and everyone else that agrees with her.

What good is freedom of speech if you can’t actually use it? I mean seriously, there are so many laws, regulations, rules and restrictions about everything from what you can eat and what you can wear to what you can say, think or believe, that one could argue we aren’t actually free.

We are now being told what we can believe and what beliefs we are allowed to pass on to our children. What is going on? Freedom of Religion is slipping away before our very eyes while we simply watch in disbelief.

Political correctness is being used as a weapon to control and suppress the people. Americans are being used to control other Americans. Where the government cannot act (or risk the label of tyranny), the people are persuaded to act on their behalf.

America is producing an army of minions to control everyone through public condemnation, boycotts, and even violence. Businesses are being destroyed and people’s lives ruined because they exercised their rights or simply answered a question truthfully.

Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation to achieve a political goal. We are being terrorized into conforming to political correctness and the new one faith.

If you like your religion, you can keep it…until the minions are on your doorstep.

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