Sick While Traveling? Check Out AmWell: Online Doctor Visit

Every now and then a really amazing service pops up and actually impresses the crud outta me.  AmWell is one of those services…and Online Doctor Visit that serves travelers, busy people and/or even the lazy.  I fall into all 3 categories and hence, I was beyond floored when I heard about this through a few days ago!

I used this virtual Dr’s office today and it was the easiest thing on earth. This is how it went.

I created an account, which consisted of my name, age and email.  Then I had the opportunity to upload any documents re: my health, enter my height and weight and a few other things that I skipped.  I then chose a pharmacy.

Then, I was prompted to enter my CC number, to pay a whopping $49 for a 10 minute visit.  this was unnecessary because I used the Traveling Mom code for a free visit…TMOM.

Then I downloaded a video software that took maybe 10 seconds.

Then I waited about 4 minutes, in the comfort of my RV,  for the Dr to appear.  When she did, she asked me the typical Dr visit questions and then asked me to describe my symptoms and the reason for my call.

Then about 7 minutes in, she said she would finish the paperwork, send me a copy to my email and also send the prescription to the pharmacy I chose.

Then I hit End Visit.

That was all.  The end.  A Dr’s visit for free, from the comfort of my RV … others use it from their home, their office, the airport, etc.

Read this blog that describes the services and then visit the AmWell website for more information.

I’m blown away, like literally totally stoked.  My day wasn’t interrupted by some minor health inconvenience for which a quick prescription would totally work.  I’m out zero cash, and the next time, I’ll only pay $49 … beyond worth it to me!

This service will seriously transform your medical care and how you seek it, how you view it and how you feel about it.


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    • Hi Brenda. They asked for my insurance but I skipped that part too. But then their FAQ page says this: “Some insurance companies cover telehealth visits, and some offer their own telehealth service. If your insurance company doesn’t currently cover telehealth, you can still use the service. The cost of a visit is $49 for a 10-minute consultation.” 🙂


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