Mother’s Day Dirt Bike Crash

Mother’s Day started with a relaxing morning, slowly waking up and going to mass. After church, the kids all helped fix brunch. They made pancakes, eggs, sausage and omelettes. It was delicious. They cooked and cleaned up the mess!

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the Colorado mountains, so we all wanted to do something outside, of course. It was a toss up between kayaking and dirt biking. But since we were at our house getting it ready for new renters, and had access to our dirt bikes, and we get to kayak all the time all over the country, dirt biking won!!

When you go dirt biking with 12 kids, with two first-time riders, you expect some mishaps. But Cardy and Rowdy were off and riding the clutchless little 90cc Yamaha in no time flat. They handled the starts, and turns, and stops without crashing or letting the bike fall over. Amazing, especially thinking back to when Brody first started. He launched right off the road and into the trees, and bent and broke parts, like the brake lever, over and over again.

Well, this time it was mommy (Susie) crashing a 200cc Honda off the road, but first she hit a pole that launched the bike and her 30 feet through the air. The bike landed upside down on a stump and a bush with Susie underneath.

We heard the loud crash, and rushed to the scene of the accident. We couldn’t believe what had just happened. We are very relieved that she only has minor injuries. She was wearing a motorcycle helmet, which no doubt saved her life.

Susie always says she wants to be pampered and waited on. Well, now that’s what she gets, but she didn’t need to crash to get it.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dirt Bike Crash”

  1. Glad your ok Susie, and I agree the kids did well pulling together to help, but then I wouldn’t expect any different from your kids.
    I used to bike a lot in my younger years (20s) would love too again, but disability doesn’t really allow me too, but I have some great memories of my biking years.
    I guess you’ll be having an extended Mothers Day now, sure hope you are back on your feet and feeling better soon, guess Dan has got his work cut out for a while now hehe.
    Look after yourselves.
    Love from Paul Southampton (UK)

    • Thanks Paul!!! And yep, extended Mother’s Day and I don’t have to help get our house ready for the next rental season, cuz I can barely walk!!! Winning!! LOL, I am doing well though, all things considered!!!


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