Moab Adventure

Our Spring Break Road Trip with ELEVEN KIDS was an extreme adventure to Moab, Utah and Arches National Park. It took us forever to prepare and pack so, of course, we got a late start. We made a pit stop at Moab Laundry Express to upload our video over their free WiFi. We arrived in the dark, but still found an awesome campsite!!

On our first day, we found some epic climbing near our campsite. Our kids are pretty extreme with their free climbing skills. The kids discovered some exotic salamanders and lizards. We also found that the tumbleweed was great for starting our campfire. Getting rid of those thorny tumbleweeds from around our campsite was an extra bonus.

On Day 2 we hiked to Skyline Arch and Sand Dune Arch, and ventured through a maze of rocks and fins. Arches National Park is one of the most amazing places on Earth!! It is truly an awesome adventure for the whole family.

On Day 3 we hiked to Landscape Arch, Double O Arch and beyond to Dark Angel. Hiking along the top of a huge fin with a 360 degree view was truly amazing. We could literally see for hundreds of miles in every direction. Of course, we spent too much time exploring all the amazing features along the way and ended up returning from our 5+ mile hike in the dark.

We dropped by the Arches National Park Visitor Center and the kids learned about the layers of rock and how the arches formed. They learned about the wildlife and climbed everything in sight. More incredible hiking and climbing.

On our last day we explored the Windows section of Arches National Park. The kids all climbed the heights of Double Arch giving Susie a near heart attack. We also ventured beyond to the Cove of Caves and had some hair-raising climbs into the caves. Probably the most extreme climb of all was climbing through Cove Arch.

We had an awesome time camping, hiking, climbing and spending time together as a family. I highly recommend Moab and Arches National Park as one of the best family vacations, but our campsite location remains a secret.

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