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Do You Work?  How Do You Afford To Travel Fulltime?

Yes.  Dan works his butt off, like literally.  He is Software Engineer and Web Developer and runs his own successful company, Kellogic, LLC.  Dan has clients across the country and Canada.

We can afford to travel because he works super hard to support his family and we have been blessed that his profession is one that can be done anywhere, so long as there is WIFI!  We blog often about the gear we use, the companies we use and how we make it work, you can check out a gear blog here and our #1 Provider blog here.

We also run our family business, we are essentially Life Coaches.  We help people get physically fit and financially free.  We help people reach their health goals, lose weight, gain lean muscle, regain mental clarity, and increase their energy.  We also help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground!  It’s one of the most fulfilling things we’ve ever done.  And it’s fluent with travel, we are definitely being led in a whole new direction and in a bigger way than we ever saw coming!

Do The Kids Go To School?

Absolutely.  We value education as the absolute in terms of a successful life, knowing that every single person has a different of opinion regarding what success is.  To us, success is living a good life, centered entirely around God and family.  It is making an honest living, contributing to society, and making a difference in people’s lives.  Our children’s education focuses on making this definition of success a reality.

We carve out time every morning for core “subjects” and focus the rest of our day learning organically.  When you homeschool you are keenly aware of the fact that every moment of every day is a learning moment.  Whether you are at the beach, in the mountains or simply at the grocery store, learning occurs.  It’s a phenomenon, I know it rocked me to the core after we pulled the kids from school and we noticed that life was actually the best education one can get.  We blog extensively on our homeschooling philosophy and educational activities, caruse this section if your want to get into our minds …

Are They All Yours?

Seriously, inquiring minds want to know and if you want to know the truth, I understand this question.  When I see a large family, I want to know if they are all one family, if they are going to have anymore.  I want to know what they drive, what they do for a living, where they live, if they are Catholic or Mormon … ya’ll I wanna know it all too.  So I get it!!

Yes, they are ours, no we don’t have any sets of twins, I dunno if we are going to have more, but the clock is ticking and it seems unlikely, but not out of the question.  We drive a beater Suburban and a Georgie Boy Cruisemaster (the RV), Dan is a software engineer and I’m a full-time mommy who loves to write to clear my head.  We have a home in Colorado, but we pretty much live on the road, and drum roll please, we are … Catholic.  God loving, devout and faithful Catholics to the core.

How Do You Do It All?

The real answer is that we don’t do it all.  We do some.  Of course we have to prioritize, who doesn’t?  For us that means little things like matching socks, even matching shoes sometimes are not important.  Parents with any number of children know that matching socks only occur right out of the bag and that 2 socks of any color, style and shape make a pair.  Sometimes we wear snow boots in the middle of the summer, sometimes we wear swimsuits 5 days out of the week, and some days we never change out of our bedclothes – it’s officially called a pajama day.

My priorities lie in the bigger things.  It is mandatory that we have fun every day and do something extreme, that we at some point in the day finish our schoolwork, that we find time to pray and that my kids eat healthy … these are the four things that I don’t cut out of any day.  Everything else, I mean EVERYTHING else can and often does get left by the wayside.  My kids and our family are the priorities.

The old myth you can’t have your cake and eat it too is utter crap.  Of course you can.  Why have the cake if you can’t eat it?  That’s torture.  Turn your life over to God, don’t feel the need to be in complete control.  Let the mundane go, focus on the good and the bonding moments.  God is amazing and God is good, pray and He will deliver.

How Did You Start Fulltime Traveling?

This is THE obvious question.

We literally decided to purchase an RV just to facilitate getting to and from kayaking events with ease.  Then we took an extended trip to TN, NC, & VA and when it was time to return, no-one wanted to go home.  There were lots of sullen faces & so we all started talking.  At some point one of us said, “Let’s just keep traveling.”  Talk about shock.  I don’t think a single one of us ever thought about traveling fulltime.  I mean, what a dream, right?  A mere months prior and this would have seemed too far fetched, too impossible.  But, with an RV, literally anything is possible … even fulltime travel with a family of 14!

So, we went home, put our house on the market, Susie gave birth to sweet little Coby and a few weeks later we left and never looked back.  CRAZY!  The only thing we agonized about was whether to sell our house or not.  In the end, it did not sell and so we decided to rent it out seasonally.  This has worked well for us.  We go home at Christmas for a month or two and spend our days snowboarding and building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate and sledding.

Our advice for any family who wants to pursue this lifestyle is to just do it.  Too much thinking is literally paralyzing.  Let go, the worse thing that can happen is you return home, having traveled, having seen more than you ever dreamed possible, learned more than you ever thought, and become closer to each other than you ever could have been.

How Do You Give Each Child The Love and Attention They Need?

This is the easiest question to answer.  I am always around.  I am always with them.  I know each of my children inside and out.  I can take one look at them and know instantly what they are feeling and what they need.  I am so connected, I know what’s going on even when I can’t see them.  Every single one of my kids has a drastically different personality than the other.  They each have different talents, different interests, and different needs.

The most amazing thing about a large family is our cohesiveness.  My youngest son, Coby, is the luckiest baby in the world.  He is always being held and loved by someone! Our 2nd youngest, Elly is the luckiest toddler I know. She gets more attention and her needs are met faster and more efficiently that any other toddler I know.  She cries and there are 13 people to jump and comfort.  It’s that way for all the kids, young and old.  It’s common to see one of the younger kids hugging their older brothers and sisters to make them feel better.  They know each other intuitively, as I do.  We are in tune to each other emotionally and are exceptionally strong because of it.  We show our love by making each other smile.

My goal as a parent is to raise strong independent adults who will go out into the world and contribute to society, not drain it.  In order to accomplish this there is a huge emphasis on doing for yourselves and for others.  Putting yourself last is an important lesson to learn, and it’s a lost lesson for sure.  It is how you show love, because after all love is a verb … an action word.

More Questions?

If we have missed something you’d like to know about, please please, don’t hesitate to ask below in the comment section or via our contact page.  Thanks!!  🙂

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  1. such a wonderful family i thank you for allowing me to be a small part of it on youtube, you all make me so happy knowing there is a different way to live in a crazy world


    • I am so jealous! My daughter and I would love to live your lifestyle. My husband would never do it. You have been truly blessed. If your family is ever in Littleton, give me a shout!

  2. You guys have such a wonderful out look on life and, I think, more importantly each other. I came from a big family (5 brothers and 1 sister) but we were brought up soooo differently. It was our greatest pleasure to get one over on the others, to do them down or even physically beat them up.
    We share such similar ideas but for different reasons. We never worry about money or spend what we don’t have. Carol and I both wanted a big family but unfortunately that wasn’t to be and we do enjoy each day as if it was our last. Laughter is the best exercise when you don’t get about as much as might be expected and is the one sound guaranteed to be heard where ever we are.

    We both know exactly what Holly is feeling or thinking and she is the light in our lives.

    Bless you for sharing your wonderful family with us on You-Tube.

    Ian xx

  3. Hi there guys. Just thought I would drop by and leave you comment.. I love watching your video’s on You Tube. You all just have so much fun. I must admit though I am jealous of the scenery that you have around you. That would be a dream for me to wake up and see that everyday. Anyway a big Huge Hello to all you and I look forward to year next uploads.
    Take care guys

      • Susie,
        My wife and I are both nurses. We did travel nursing for a long while until our daughter started school. I long to get back on the road. I love your inspiration!!!

      • Hey, it is so nice to know someone else is so close to their kids. People are constantly budding in with comments like ‘you got let them go sometime’. Who says I do. I hope I am as close to my kids tomorrow as I am today. I am their parent and their friend. I also have homeschooled them and two are in college right now, but they are still at home. The third is in high school and I love it. the life experiences they have acquired, have been better than school, especially when there is so much that happens that they don’t need. Keep it up and I hope you will reply back. I would love to to talk to a mom that is on the same level about her kids.

  4. I saw your profile through an youtube video. I laughed and my curiosity forced me to know you guys. Now at the end, my final perception is…You guys really mean a happy family. God bless you guys.

  5. I, for some reason, feel inherently sad that your family does not choose to be a part of your life. They are missing out. I feel extremely blessed to simply watch and learn from you and Dan. Better parents the world has never seen and I mean that from the depths of my heart.

    • Greg,
      Unfortunatly a lot of us out there that are open to children are in the same boat. Its a loss you grieve and then you have to move on or it will eat away at you. Its a bummer that so many see children as a burden rather than the blessing that they are. Great websight Susie, thanks so much for sharing.
      🙂 Jen

  6. Hi everyone !
    Sunny greetings from Germany !!!
    Today, I have seen you for the first time on YT and I followed you to your website. What I read here, reminds me very much to the Kelly Family.
    The Dad’s name was Dan too and they are also many kids.
    The Kellys were travelling in Europe during many years as musicians with a Doubledecker Bus.
    This way of life was also my dream. Now it is a little bit too late but, I am very happy to see that you live your dream. I wish you all the best for all what you will do.

    Have a sunny day !!!


  7. To The Kellogg Movement,
    “To thine own self…be true!” Watching your family makes me laugh at the “stressed” moms and dads who have one or two. How they put their child on a pedestal, wait on them, and give them everything they want. Producing a “ME, ME, ME!” monster of attention. None of your children are placed on a pedestal…instead they’re all on a plateau. Lifted far above the “norm”. Each of them is the center of attention on an as needed basis. Not to falsely inflate their ego.

    I just retired from 34 years of teaching. I’ve seen the products of every type of parenting and family values. The ones who were generally trouble free, for whom I had no concern for their future, were the ones that had been given the confidence to be themselves. Free from the confinement of social judgement. Free to explore the possibilities. Free to embrace the less fortunate and give of themselves to make another’s life better.

    You and Dan have given each of your children and all of your children that freedom. What a legacy to be responsible for gifting 12 (and counting) beautiful individuals to the world! Who’s to say the countless contributions they will collectively make to touch the lives of others and in so doing make improvements that continue to multiply exponentially! WOW!

  8. This is the most encouraging thing I have read in a while. Our family of 6 and 3 dogs moved into an RV and away from everyone we knew at the beginning of the year, in search of what you have described here. After a transition, I’m sure you know what I mean:), we’re realizing how we’ve grown closer and continue to. You guys are rocking life, I say the right way!! Also, my kids are kayaking now, which is how I found your site- after seeing your RV at the NOC about a month ago!

  9. Bonjour à tous, je viens de laisser un message à votre intention sur Youtube, et à ce sujet Youtube je partage pleinement; l’avis de John; merci à vous pour moi aussi. Je me suis abonne à votre flux Twiiter; et à présent souhaite vous suivre sur ce site; si vous m’y autoriser bien évidement. Comment s’inscrire justement; vous savez avec identifiants mot de passe et tous ça. Je renouvelle ici mon Profond Respect et ma Profonde Admiration à votre Famille, vos enfants ainsi que vous même. Soyez heureux, et surtout surtout ne changer jamais jamais vous m’entendez rester vous même et demeurer à jamais une Famille Unis, et souder. Dieu vous bénis.

    Pascal depuis la France

  10. Hi there! My name is Sierra and I’m a just turned 17 year old girl who happened to come across your wonderful, crazy unique, awesome, and beautiful family through some of your kids’ “Top 12 Ways To Get Kicked Out of Walmart” video on YouTube. Being the usual internet and funny video loving teenager, I clicked on that video which led me to your YouTube page; where I was immediately interested and curious to know more about your family and how you do things and what you do, which ultimately led me here.

    There are so many things I could say and reiterate as I’ve seen others have already done, but I am so glad and really thankful that I came across your amazing family! Wow, I am honestly speechless on how much right you are all doing as a family and just how much love, inspiration, freewill, and true fun that is clearly evident in your everyday lives! Really I just wanted to say that, out of everything I’ve read so far on your website; this page with your thoughts, responses, and advice on life is most definitely, forever and always, on my top most inspiring and beautiful things I have and will EVER read. My brother and I were brought up very well, and are very fortunate to have lived and experienced and learned things by living all over the world because of my dad’s job. In your post here, there were just so, so many things that spoke to me and that I thought I could specifically touch on, but there’s so many I can’t even begin to quote them all haha!

    Just, thank you so much for making my day and inspiring (and sure continuing to!) me on almost everything possible. I’m so happy to know that not just one, but a large, loving family of great people are out there living life literally to the greatest and I wish you and your family all the best no matter what! Thank you again, may God bless you and your truth and wisdom of advice here and wherever/whomever else is fortunate to come across you and your family.

    Much, much love from Arizona!
    Sincerely, Sierra

  11. I, too, made a dramatic change from my lifestyle in Canada in 2006; (former funeral arranger) and decided to leave it all behind for a totally different life here in China. I now teach bagpipes to the Chinese children who want to learn a different instrument, (not one of the more traditional things to do here) but none-the-less an eye-opener for some here. Congrats to all of you for being so daring! May God bless you all.

  12. My wife and I have only one child, a son, who just started college last August. I remember leaving church one Sunday knowing this was the last Sunday we would attend church together with him as a child, and filled with regret at not having taken more camping/fishing trips. We had several good vacations, Vancouver BC, Washington DC, Yellowstone, Taiwan, etc., but my wife asked our son which one he liked best and he mentioned one camping trip- said it was his favorite because we were outside the whole time. Also, it seemed like I personally “lived” for the vacation time- so I congratulate you on being able to live this lifestyle, and want to say Semper Fidelis to another Marine! I can relate to what you said about the Marine Reserve pay, and how you feel about money. Live life to the fullest.

  13. I think what you’re doing is fantastic. Life is short and it’s relationships that count in life. Your story of family relationships, same as ours.
    We have a family of 8 and homeschool our 6 kids. Last summer we took a 2 month trip to Alaska in an RV and experienced some of the same moments you do every day. We still talk about that trip every day. So we get it.
    I can’t find a blog on your website? I was hoping our family could follow along with your family’s adventure.

  14. How long is your RV and can you tell me what type of fuel it uses?
    Do you recommend that brand of RV and what do you absolutely need in it for a reasonable comfortable trip in it!
    Thanks and I am very envious of you and your family and the time you can spend and be together.
    Forget the nay sayers!
    Good familying!

  15. Making God a key part of your lives is so awesome and no doubt a part of making this lifestyle work. You’re living the dream that everybody in my generation wanted to do, but couldn’t figure out how. May God bless you in your adventures.

  16. You guys are amazing! Ive always wanted to invest in a RV, pack up my boys and travel…however, being a single mom, I’m scared to make that jump. Your paragraph on “Do you have help from family” touched home so much. Best of luck to you all!

  17. Religion to rationalize the selfishness of over-birthing and maintaining ignorance of the menace of over population. Unfortunately this is no surprise and yet the Nth example of religion doing far more harm than good to the peoples of the world. No thanks to you for using far, far, more than your share. It’s unfortunate that there is no hell for you over-breeders to go to.

  18. Hello Susie,
    I just read about your new book and found your website. I only have four children but could easily have kept going if my husband was home more (he’s military). We homeschool so that every second Dad can be home is spent with his family. I’ve also heard all the derogatory comments from extended family without any of the support and have developed similar solutions.
    “Isn’t that a lot of time to spend with your kids?”. I don’t think people hear themselves!
    My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan. I decided to take the kids and move to Spain for a year! We are enjoying our immersion in language and culture. My husband will join us in June when we’ll tour the French mederteranian and Italy. I must confess that I miss my washer and dryer! Otherwise, life has been a fun adventure.
    I do wish I had gotten my kids more involved in outdoor activities beyond hiking and camping. It’s harder when there’s only one adult. At 6-14yrs, we’ve reached a point where all of us can participate in most activities. I need to get some kayaks!

  19. I have just discovered your site, and this whole lifestyle of yours is so totally awesome! I have not read or seen everything yet, but I just wanted to ask you…how do you cram yourselves and all your stuff into an RV? This is such a great adventure for you and your children. What a wonderful way to learn and experience our wonderful country! If I were a member of your extended family, I would be happy for each and every one of your children. Good luck and keep on with this great journey!

  20. You are just absolutely WONDERFUL! What an inspiration you are to families everywhere! You really understand the true meaning of life and are a true testiment of what living really is! I am beyond honored that I discovered your family and have the great privledge of “knowing” you through your website. Thank you for being you!!

  21. Ah yes….another mindless drone who lets the church do their thinking for them. Good to see you raising another generation of nitwits.

  22. I would like to know if you camp at a designated campground or park anywhere and take it all in! How do you empty black and gray water? This is very interesting to me because this is what I want to do with my husband in a few years! Very inspiring!

  23. How exciting!! Love it!! Thought I’d mention a book I’m reading to review (not finished yet but EXCELLENT) and right up your DIY ally! ‘Author Publisher Entrepreneur’ by Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, brainiac, Apple Fellow, all around great guy Guy Kawasaki. You can write a book (as you go along) about this and put it on your site eventually. Read the ebook.

    Look forward to keeping up with the Kelloggs!

    All best….Suzanne

  24. I bought an RV last year so that I can entertain my 2 young kids (6 and 8). I’m a weekend single dad. It was the best investment I ever made! I tow a boat behind it during the summer months and RV’s the other months. We bought a membership to an RV club were I pay something like $41 a month for unlimited camping, called 1000 trails. We spent the entire summer exploring the west, boating, fishing, climbing, boogie boarding, going to theme parks, and just bonding as a family. I have a business that I can run from anywhere and I hope to someday hit the road and never look back as well. A “high five” from me for living the dream!

  25. I would love to know how you are going to live “on the road”. How will you pay for gas, etc.? My husband and I have been talking about doing the same thing for years. We would love to do it. We feel exactly the same way you do. But how to do it? Does your husband still work “from home”, in the rv? We just don’t know how to do it. Any advise?

  26. hello, what an amazing family! I admire and respect you for the choices you have made. Your kids will have the best education ever-REAL LIFE! Best wishes on all your adventures! I wish my parents would have done this when I was a kid! God Bless You!

  27. Do you miss the fellowship of belonging to a Church? I understand how important bringing God into the home is and do so myself, but I have also been uplifted in times of trial by my Church.

  28. I was want to say you guys ROCK, and I pray that God continues to bless you! My family of 5 total, is gearing up to do this seasonally in a new camper, and advice? We have a 7 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl and a 17 month old boy. My wife and I are both 32.

  29. So nice to read that someone thinks it is OK to be a close family!! Many years ago my ex and his girlfriend had the nerve to tell me that I should not be at the hospital all the time with my sick daughter. Her father told me this — unbelievable. I am still close to my kids and close to my grandkids — this is how it should be!!

  30. omg…i am in love. I am a mom of 5 kiddos and I have wanted to this for along time. I have been homeless and lived in a mini van so i know an rv would work. I just finished a tech college and recieved my patient care tech license…you dont know what motivation you have given me. No one can deal with my kids…i hear their to loud..they dont listen..their to picky..they fight…and i am like i love them all and its small things to a giant. I want you to know that you have truly became my inspiration AND validated my thoughts on family..that money doesnt make us. I am so proud of you and your family. Please if ever you get a chance and some free time email me ….i have no true friends except my kids and hubby….and just to be able to talk to a mom with thoughts like me would help me as a woman to be the best i can be…so may you and your family have a great time and may god bless you all…..warm thoughts from st.louis mo!!!

  31. This is SO awesome! My husband and I married young, no birth control, and we had our first baby one month shy of our first anniversary. We hope that we could be equally as blessed as you are in family size! Thanks for being an inspiration to growing family like ours…hopefully we can live as carefree as you guys are! <3

  32. Hi, you guys are so inspiring! I also live similiarly by boat. There are thousands of families , cruisers who yacht around, homeschool the kids and life is a beautiful adventure. Many of us have rv’s we go back to in the summer up north. I am anchored down in la paz mexico now. I’ve bookmarked your website and look forrward to reading some more. If you are interested in cruising by water, there are lots of magazines like latitude 38 which shows a bit of the lifestyle. god bless,
    pete s/v eldorado

  33. Just saw your story on Yahoo news and I want to tell you, your family is totally beautiful. I am a mother of 3, and currently have one semester left of nursing school. I want to be a labor & delivery nurse so I really liked your blog about your VBAC2. Thanks for sharing your story and sharing of God’s love and faithfulness. He is good, all the time. You would love San Diego (North County Coastal), just don’t come in the summer unless you don’t mind crowds ;P

  34. Hi…I am someone who never leaves messages on a blog or post, however, I wanted to take a quick moment to say how your story has blessed my spirit today. I happened upon an article on yahoo this morning about your family, and you guys truly are living the way God intended us to live. I admire your God first, family second, and everything else after philosophy. I wish you and your family the best, and thank you for inspiring all those that have the change to read your remarkable story. God Bless!! Sue.

  35. totally inspired. If for on eminute i thought i could hoe school my child i woudl do it. however we clash alot and it just doesnt seem doable. We both have ADD . but love what you and yours are doing!!! go for it

  36. wow. i certainly do respect you for living like this. you are living every family dream.
    how could we help you. if you ever get to mississippi. you can spend some days with us,
    here in hernando mississippi. wow. i dont see how you do it, but you certainly have our
    upmost respect. we have friends, who have as many children as you do, and it seems
    the more kids you have, the closer the family actually becomes.
    best regards,
    the rick leigh family
    hernando, mississippi

  37. Hi,

    Your story is so inspiring. I think it’s a life everyone dreams about but can’t do because of money or job. Your husband, though, is very blessed to have a job he can work on the road which is why you guys can travel and do the things you do. My dream is to get a job working from home so I can travel as well. However, my husband is a doctor so he cannot just pick up and go. Do you have any suggestions for us on how we can make this happen with our situation?

    Thank You,

  38. I guess what you are doing , defying extablishment and all, is cool for now. But, you do know it can’t go on forever, don’t you? I mean, you can’t get a good paying job without some college or associate training. The days of finishing high school and going to work in Pop’s hardware store are gone. The world is changing faster each day and you can’t be behind, if you want to keep up with it.
    I just hope you guys don’t short change you kids, in the end. Home education don’t cut it today.
    Face reality before it faces you.

    • Really? I don’t know that anything is impossible. Sure, our kids don’t have a Pop’s hardware store to workk at, but maybe, they’ll build their own or grow their own web, IT, video game, whatever business? College is only good if you need it, otherwise all you are doing is sinking yourself in debt. The world is definitely changing and with technology anything is possible. Our 19 year old daughter has her own business. I do know this can’t go on forever, our children will move on, have their own families, but I do hope that we stay close and can continue to participate in each others lives. “Home education don’t cut it”? Oh, I believe it does and then some. Our kids are so far ahead of the public schools, they aren’t even on the same playing field … it’s almost an unfair comparison! 🙂 Reality? It’s how you perceive it. We are teaching our children to form their own reality … it’s possible, look at their parents! Best to ya!!!

    • Really Doug? Homeschooling is growing fast and the homeschoolers are excelling. My son has been homeschooled and is taking college classes at 15 years old. Now most colleges also have online classes as well. You can get your degree without having to actually go to the school. Maybe you shouldn’t comment on something you are so obviously uninformed about.

    • Home education don’t cut it? Funny… I was homeschooled K-12, graduauted just after my 16th birthday and worked at a grocery store for two years before starting college. There I excelled in all my classes since I had been taught to think, not just memorize and regurgitate. Now I am an RN-BSN with several hours towards getting my NP. I really thought my home education had served me well. My bad.

    • “Home education don’t cut it today.” What an ignorant-sounding statement. Not because of the opinion but because of the poor grammar. It would appear public education doesn’t cut it today either.

  39. I absolutely adore what you have done!! I recently (the last year) have totally let go of the stressing over money everyday trap… I also spend my our money on toys and things we like to do. I believe in live life now for you never know when tomorrow will not exsist. Congrats…..Kudos…..and I send many blessings and well wishes to you and yours!

  40. As the oldest of a large family, mom, grandma, and now great-grandma of large families too, it is wonderful to see a family being what you are to each other. I understand about the extended family part too. I faced a lot of that while raising my blended family and when I went thru two scriptural divorces.
    The cool thing is that God DOES provide, and He did for me and my kids too. God helped me raise my family and is helping them raise theirs too. I love what you are doing and the kind of people you are raising.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  41. Good for you! My friends thought I was nuts when I gave up my job as a partner in a big law firm and bought an RV (named “Harvey”) to take my 3 kids traveling all summer. (My husband joins us on the weekends whenever he can get away, but otherwise I’m solo.) So far we’ve been to 42 states over 3 summers. Carpe diem! I hope we run into your fun family at an RV park over a summer and we can compare notes!

  42. Wow, I really needed to read your bio today….. we have five kids, and a large family (my side) that…I guess they feel like they are around, but seems it’s mostly their comments are. I have been struggling with guilt, that I was the one not being a good enough daughter, sister, aunt, cousin… I really couldn’t grasp the “pearls infront of swine” scrip, because I didn’t want to think of the people that have been closest to me all my life that way. It does seem that we are happier when it’s just us, ya know, hubby, me and the kids…’s still kinda hard for me, when cousins come around…THEY ARE BRATS! Aunts, you drink to much! Geez…any words of encouragement is appreciated! Anyways, I am glad and happy for you and your husband, and I will be praying for you guys and your children! You guys are way cool! Adventure Time! Hope ours comes! Amen sister!

    • Awww, it just is horrible when you are surrounded by negativity! We could finally breathe when we let all that go and realized that those that hate have issues!! :))

  43. Reading your answers to some of these tough questions makes me realize that we definitely need to give our kids the time of day and night that they truly need without the stressful burden of finances and bills. I admire your and your husbands courage to drop society’s supposed look on life and make it your own! May God continue to bless you all each and everyday. God truly is amazing and you are proof that He can make anything happen.

  44. I saw the Yahoo article and started reading…. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with anyone who is interested. I think you have a great family.

  45. Sounds like a fun family adventure…if you ever get to Phoenix, call us for a home cooked meal…for the whole family! We have 6 kids ouselves and it would be fun to hear about your adventures. 916-220-8524

  46. I’m amazed that you have 100% positive feedback on your website. I am guessing that you receive way more negative feedback than positive, yet you refused to run anything but the positive comments. I’m glad that you find your life fulfilling and choose to live a lifestyle that assumes it is good because God wants it. Does God want this for everyone? Let’s assume that the people in China decided to have as many babies as possible. Now let’s throw in India. Add Iraq, Syria, Iran etc etc. How long would the world resources last? Or is that God’s plan: to end the world in a major war or famine?

    Another question for you. I know I’ll never see the answer in your website, but you can email me back privately. The chances are nearly 100% that at least one of your children will be gay. Would you still love and support that child. Don’t tell me that can never happen or you are more delusional than I already believe you are.

    • Oh, Tom, if you browsed our website you would see there are so so so many negative comments!! LOL, I post them all!! Fortunately most people are positive and happy people who don’t feel the need to attack others because they are content in their own lives. As for all the rest of your comment, I wouldn’t begin to guess what God has in store and your question about homosexuality is nothing short of inciting. Have a great life, I wish you the best!

      • I am amazed at how well you respond to some of these questions. i admire your ability to word things so well and with such a positive attitude. God lets us know we will be persecuted if we truly follow him and that the world won’t understand us. Thank you for the encouragement today!

  47. Hello from Cleveland, Ohio. After reading your story and seeing your videos, I am enspired to take my RV on an extended road trip. Thanks to you and your adventure, I am about to take my own. Maybe I will see you on the road…. Wishing you and your family the very best, Sincerely, Bob

  48. You are living my dream life! 😉 Good for you guys! Our family is the most important thing our life, right after GOD! And I can fully resonate with your answers to the FAQ’s. I thought this was a fun story to read on the Yahoo page. But, after looking up your website & reading more about it, I will now be following your adventures (as my busy life allows). I have, what I believe, to be a large family…not compared to yours though 🙂 My husband & I have been blessed with 5 wonderful children, ages 20 to 9, took in 4 nephews & a niece (we were 10 at one point) ~ and many others along the way (friends of our kids) that we claim as our own. Blessed? Absolutely! Living the life we want?? Not yet. GOD is transitioning us. Patiently waiting for the next phase. And I agree with you 100% on the money aspect. It come & it goes. Been at both phases – having enough & wanting. It’s nice when it’s there, and unpleasant when it’s not. But GOD is in control of it and we are grateful at all times…especially when we get to use it to spend time with our family, making memories!!! 🙂 GOD bless you guys!

    • God has transitioned us through many phases as well. And we have been learning patience along the way. God is in control and we are along for the ride, and we are enjoying the ride!

  49. It’s an interesting way to live the life you want, but I’m old school and I enjoy having a house (base) to get back to. As the saying goes “It’s good to get away, but Great to get back.”
    I’m just wondering what’s the highest you’ve paid for gas?
    Reno, NV

  50. I am blown away and jealous! I applaud your efforts, this is the American dream, in my opinion. If only we could all see the world through your eyes, this is living. Don’t spend one minute on the haters, you are doing a wonderful thing. You are very blessed!

  51. As I sit reading through your website, I believe God led me to your family for a reason! I saw you featured online and what you’re doing has been a dream of ours for a while.

    Anyway, your story is truly inspiring to us — as parents of only 2 (so far) we have often lamented about the possible difficulties and challenges involved with taking kids on the road. I’m sure it’s not without its challenges but WOW YOU ARE DOING IT WITH TWELVE KIDS! I mean, c’mon how awesome of a way for God to gently tell us that our excuses were just that, excuses. We already homeschool so, why not? What is holding us back? I just thought it was neat that God used you to dissolve another ” but how are we…” or “but what if…”.

    I also loved this part of your FAQ:

    We have done every delivery, every hospitalization, every ER visit … everything on our own, so it is absolutely doable! You don’t need a village, you need a spouse who is involved and devoted 100% to the well being of your immediate family. You can teach your children what good grandparents are supposed to be when your children have children. You can teach them about Aunts and Uncles by ensuring that they develop a strong bond with each other, that will endure through good times and bad. You’re family, your spouse and your children are your everything, if you have family involvement, you are very very lucky.

    Completely agree and so wonderful to read. We do have more support than you seem to, however not in the way of support regarding taking off with our kids in an RV lol.

    I also loved this:

    Money is not the key to a happy life. It is not going to make an unhappy person happy, it can enhance an already happy life, but it cannot make a life full. Money is not to be worshiped or coveted. It comes as fast as it goes. If you are struggling financially, rest assured, it’s not permanent. If you are rolling in the money, be as assured that it’s not permanent. Live life daily, enjoy what you can each and every day and let God worry about and work on tomorrow.

    SO TRUE. You sound like an awesome family and who knows, maybe we’ll meet one of these days on the road 🙂 I’m sure ya’ll are not hard to spot 🙂

    God bless and happy travels!

  52. Add these questions to your FAQ… these are some that we hear often:
    “Do you know where they come from?”
    “Do you know what causes them?”

    “How are you going to afford college for them all?”
    “Wow…, how much is your food bill?”
    “You must have a huge house!”
    “I only have (fill in the blank) kids and I can’t even handle that!”

  53. Dear Brood,

    How well does your RV hold up and would you buy the same brand name?
    Mike Waller
    Alexandria, La. 71301

    • So far so good. They don’t make the Georgie Boy Cruisemaster anymore, but I can definitely recommend the Cummins diesel and Freightliner chassis.

  54. Wonderful! No stupid materialism for you and your family. I am certain you are raising them with the right values.

    Would love to send you “The Way to Happiness,” to share with all those delightful kids. (Free.) If you’d like it, let me know where to send it.

    Best wishes to you. Luv, Jerrye

  55. Hello,

    It appears you and your husband have created your “ideal”. Congrats!!!

    I am curious what your plans are when your kids get to their working ages….will they stay behind? What are “their” goals?

    Good luck.

    • Our kids have very diverse interests and plans for their future … our oldest is a graphics artist with her own job, my 2nd oldest is a videographer interested in starting a kayak school in the next year with his brother. They all make money on Youtube! 🙂

  56. Hi,

    I can’t even imagine the amounts of messages you are getting. Several of my friends have pointed your family out to us (I missed your appearance on the…Today show I think it was…) in recent days.

    We are just newly embarking on full-time rv’ing. Do you guys travel around or are you in a central location for bits at a time? Well, I doubt we’ll ever cross paths, but it would be nice to have someone to go to with questions as I have a few and I’m sure more will come up.

    Do you have an email? Do you even kind of trust me with that kind of info? 😉 I totally understand if I never hear back from you,,,my gosh at the amounts of people who must be contacting you. But I just thought I’d try!!


    -Jordan Arnold

  57. You still didn’t answer the question of how you afford it and what is your source of income to pay for all of this. Unless you had a boadtload of money, it won’t support 14 people traveling all over the US for long. It’s a common question being asked on the various websites. How much of what you are doing is at taxpayer expense? (Healthcare, welfare, etc?) It would be a cool lifestyle if you are supporting it yourself. Is this a stunt to promote a TV show?

    • Hey Jim, ON our FAQ page we address this common question. Dan works exceptionally hard, waking in the wee morning hours, sometimes as early as 2 or 3 am and working his tail off to support his family. He has a full time job as a Sorftware Engineer and works part time as a web developer and hosting company. We have never ever taken any money in any form from the govt, in fact, we pay taxes like the rest of the working world. We have been living our lives this way forever, just recently we bought an RV to facilitate travel to kayak competitions, etc and then decided it would be an incredible way for our children to learn to live; free from the constraints of wanting, wanting, wanting and needing, needing, needing.

  58. What great life experiences you are providing for your children. Memories that they will never forget! My wife and I have 5 children. We have talked about doing the travel experience with our children over a summer. How great would it be to do it full time. Families could learn a lot from your family. Great job from one parent to another. Keep doing what you guys are doing! AWESOME!

  59. God Bless. I think all of you are great. I will pray every night for God to keep you safe and healthy. Fantastic way to raise your kids. God blessed your children with 2 fantastic parents. He also blessed the both of you with your 12 children.

  60. WOW! I know very little about your amazing family (just read this page so far) but I am in absolute awe! What a beautiful life you are providing for your children and future generations! More of us should follow your example! I am definitively going to check you youtube videos; you have a new fan!
    We have 5 kids and everybody thinks we are crazy/irresponsible/dumb/not prepared for the future….. little do they know we want to have more!!! I’m never gonna regret having a bunch of kids, I would regret it if I had chosen not to fill my life with them, they are my joy, my strength, my worth living!
    You have a gorgeous family and you look amazing! Congratulations on finding the road to absolute happiness, hopefully we can all learn from you, you are an inspiration!!

    • Don’t have a documentary … just us doing our own thing! 🙂 Check out our videos though on youtube …

  61. Very cool family! You’ve obviously found a way to raise your kids lovingly and confidently. That’s so much more than many or most families can say for themselves with only one or two children. My husband and I would love to travel in a RV when we retire but that’s way down the road. I was wondering how everyone finds a place to sleep in the RV. If I’m right, the RV is designed to have beds for 6 people. I read somewhere that sometimes the kids camp outside if the conditions are right, but what if it’s raining or snowing, how do you fit everyone in there?! 🙂 Anyway, keep it up and enjoy the family as long as you can.. you are creating amazing memories for the kids that they will have with them forever!

  62. Just would like to know if you have seat belts for all of your family and if you have checked the weight limits of that rig you are driving? My wife and I have been a full time RVers for 3 years now and my concern would be the 2 things I have questioned you about. You do know it is illegal to travel in a motor home with people unbelted I’m sure, but you might not know you are most probably over the weight limit of your rig. Have you also checked the date codes on those tires and do you check the air pressure every day while traveling? Hopefully you have done all these things in order not to put you and your family in jeopardy.

  63. After seeing your family, we went an bought a small travel trailer (just 3 of us). Now, we can’t full time it because the DH is a cabinet and trim carpenter, not a very good traveling career, but we can schedule our time off for as much as we want. We home school so we already take several trips a year to hike and snowboard. Now we will add a few more things to the list. Traveling is so educational in its own right. History, geography, thow in the flora and fauna and you can get your science. It can all be included and their education will be so much richer than if they were sitting at home and even more so than in a classroom. Maybe we’ll cross paths sometime this spring or summer.

  64. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your adventures! I don’t know how you maintain such a thick skin against such nasty comments about the size of your family but it is a testimony to your walk with God that you don’t chase them all down with sticks! 🙂

  65. I love you guys!! Love your blog about How we Dream we live!! its incredible! My husband and I are radicals and want our lives and family to be outside the box. I want to live like this and I believe I will!! Its beautiful to see family living life un-traditionally. I think your kids will have such an advantage on life because of your decision to just go for it! Experience all the Lord has and be examples of love and a family that works together:)

    I do have a few questions or things I wonder how you do. Like how do you sleep all in the RV? Do ya’ll have insurance? Do you have another car you drive behind the RV cause of the amount of gear you have? I find these curiosities since I’m sure 14 people’s stuff alone would cram up that RV really quick!

    My family traveled for a month out West when I was younger and there was 6 of us and it was pretty crowded at times. At least that’s what we thought:)

    Blessings to ya’ll!!

  66. Your story is so inspiring! My husband and I have a three year old son, twin 15 month old girls and another one due in August. My family is supportive of our decision not to use birth control but they live about 5 hours away. My husbands family is so negative that we have not yet told them we are expecting again. They live about 10 minutes away. I am a nurse, my husband has never been able to find a job in his field (teaching). We will homeschool our kids, but right now I have to work overtime on night shifts just to get by, and frankly ends still don’t meet. I’ve been looking into travel nursing and jobs I could do from home. Even was pricing RVs the other week, but it seems like an impossible dream. Seeing your story is uplifting… and it gives me a few ideas!
    May God continue blessing your family,

  67. What a wonderful road to blessings. I’m in your husband’s shoes working from home. While I am not on a salary and have to work hard to find more and more clients – but I’m so blessed to be home. Recently my husband who is our bread winner was injured at work. The past 8 weeks having him home has really shown us what life can be like. We are on the crossroads of where to go next and it seems that full-time rving is where we need to go. Cut our expenses, clear the clutter and find out what our family is really made of.


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