Kellogg Show’s Most Amazing Contest – Win $100!!!!

Ok folks, it’s official, we’ve decided to throw ourselves into the ring of awesome youtubers and really really REALLY begin to promote our channel.  As most of you know, we started out just having fun with the whole daily vlogging thing and only started to take it seriously sometime after Dec 2010.  And found out that it’s not as easy as just posting videos.  Its a ton of hard work and networking and friend making and mutual respect and well … like a job!!  Soo, we decided we needed to step up to the plate and treat it like a business.  Hence, without further ado, here’s our contest/challenge.

We need a “slogan” something uniquely Kellogg that would pique people’s interest and make them visit us on the web.  We will be ordering decals for our kayaks and snowboards and trucks and dirtbikes and everything else and have no clue what to print on them.  We need YOUR help.  So here’s the deal:  We are asking for slogan ideas, like “Life off the grid with 11 kids” but better, more us – more intriguing.  If your idea is chosen you win $100 and 10 free decals — woot woot!!   We need this FAST because we are participating in a parade and 5k the 3rd week of June and want the decals to hand out!   Soooooo you have exactly 1 week to enter — May 27th!

All slogans will be posted here on our website and we encourage you and your friends and family and acquaintances and total utter strangers to participate in the poll.  Now, we won’t choose simply based on the poll, but it will influence us in a major way.   Now put on your thinking caps and come up with the most hysterical or amazing or horrifying or startling or death-defying slogan ever in the history of the world and win 100 smackaroos!!   Yes, it’ll clear the bank!  ha ha ha


Disclaimer:  The contest award will be paid in USD; contest is open to all regardless of country.  Funds will be paid via paypal or money order.  There is a possibility that there will be no winner, in that case no award will be paid.  In the case that there is a winner, KelloggShow holds all rights to the slogan … blah blah blah blah.  To sum it up:  If we choose your slogan, we’ll pay you in  USD … if we don’t we won’t.  Now start thinking!!  =0

29 thoughts on “Kellogg Show’s Most Amazing Contest – Win $100!!!!”

  1. Maybe your decals could be the dictionary definition of the phobia of the number 13,
    “Triskaidekaphobia”. Sort of like this:

    [tris-kahy-dek-uh-foh-bee-uh, tris-kuh-]
    fear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

  2. Sorry- i know the contest’s closed but i thought i’d suggest this 🙂
    Kellogg’s 13 – Fueled by Adrenaline
    P.S I love watching your vlogs everyday!! thanks so much for posting them!!!

  3. Just another suggestion:
    there’s no show like the kelloggshow
    p.s. the puppies are sooo cute!! thanks for showing their birth on blog tv – i LOVED watching it live!!

    • Another great one!! =0 You could watch the birth video? Gosh, I just can’t … I’m the only one though, the kids rock at helping!! Dan had to revive the last puppy … he worked on her for 2 hours and then another 1.5 helping her nurse! That was very very scary!! Thanks so much for watching and for your support!! =0 xxx

      • I was so worried about her!!! I’m so glad she’s doing well!!! Am I remembering wrongly or was no. 9 born not breathing, just for a minute or two?? My sister couldn’t watch it!!!! I’m not sure if you got it but i sent you guys an email to your doodleranch address just after the birth – i wasn’t sure where to comment cause i don’t have facebook, twitter, or a yt or blogtv account (crazy, huh?!) so i just sent it there!! Thanks again for another awesome vlog!!! 😀 xxx


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