Inspiration To Make The Most Out of Your Day!

Our lives are a serious of repeats, the sun rises and sets everyday, we wake up each day, and go to sleep each day.  As parents we have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, we have to mediate fights and help our older children navigate the world; we have to make time to pray and shower and take care of ourselves (which most of us are terrible at) and we have to run errands and do chores.

So amidst all of this seemingly agonizing sameness, how do we find inspiration to carve out a life of intention and authenticity?  How do we keep our focus and stay energized for each and every day.  For us, we maintain focus on the prize, the gift of life by doing one exciting and adrenaline charged activity daily.  But we also try to find the fun in the chores and the errands and the daily grind that is inevitably a part of life.

While traveling, we are are frequent shoppers at Lowe’s.  We own an old 1999 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster that isn’t really holding up against the wear and tear of a bunch of kids and their parents.  We are constantly fixing blinds and tables and cabinets and sinks and toilets … seriously the list is endless.

The problem isn’t so much the fixing, as that’s kind of fun for the kids and they always have a little project to work on and learn from, but more so the shopping at Lowe’s.  It’s a running joke around here that no-one wants to go to Lowe’s with Dan.  What should take 10 minutes can and typically does take over one hour.  It’s legit torture.  And so, we’ve devised little games that make the extended minutes fun … in fact, we have little games that we play all day that just make life slightly more enjoyable and keep our spirits up!

The “Stalking Game” is one of those games.  Check out the video below and tell us what you think.  Do you have any fun games you play while doing errands and chores??  We’d love to hear about them!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration To Make The Most Out of Your Day!”

  1. I love you guy’s, I’ve been RV living for about three years now, and have just come across your videos on you-tube.
    And coming from a large European Family( large to me,,5 kids) who emigrated to Canada in 1970,i can relate to the hustle and bustle of loud and proud,
    I love watching your wonderful family enjoying life to it’s fullest.
    You are, or should be an inspiration to all, who are tied down to the monotony of city life.
    May the creator keep you all safe, and may you continue your wonderful adventures.
    I am in San Bruno, for winter, but am from Vancouver British Columbia Canada
    All my best wishes.

    • Hey Alex!! Thank you so much for your kind words! We will be in Vancouver this fall, can’t wait to check out Western Canada!! 🙂


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