Happily Ever After: A True Story of Kayaking Carnage By Maddy Kellogg

When I was 8 years old I competed at Payette River Games in Cascade, ID.  It was my first competition and I got 7th place.  But the best part was I got a combat roll!!  I was very excited.


After competing, my dad, my mom and Kerry, Grady, Kady, Kenny, Dally, Cardy and I ran the Main, a really fun section of the Payette River.  There were big waves and bumps all over in the river.  On one of the holes in the river, I hit it straight and flipped over, I tried a roll, but missed and then I bailed.   I actually did a bunch of tricks in the hole, but the tricks were on accident, I did not know I would do the tricks, but I did.


And then a hole came up that I’ll never forget.  My dad went to the left of it, and I tried going to the left and following him but I went down the hole and I flipped over and I hit my eye on a rock and bailed fast! I was crying, but just a little bit.  My boat was kinda stuck in the hole and my mom hit my boat to knock it out.

My sister Kady, came over so fast and I grabbed the back of her boat and she took me to the side. My dad and Grady got my boat and paddle.  Right above my eye I was bleeding.  I told Grady to take a picture with his GoPro.  Luckily, my dad had a First Aid Kit and he butterfly bandaged my cut and covered it with an extra fleece top.

Then my dad put me inside his kayak, the Jackson SuperHero, and took me down the rest of the river.  It was fun.  He told me to lean forward everytime a wave came.  When we got to the RV I ran and showed Brody and Rowdy, Emmy & Elly.  Then everyone made me Hot Chocolate.  Then my mom and dad said we were going to the hospital so I could get stitches.  We were in the hospital for so long I fell asleep while the doctor was doing my stitches.

When we left I got to sleep in the back of the RV with my mom and dad.  In the morning we went to IHOP for breakfast.  Everyone asked what happened to my eye because it was really black.  When I told them they all said, “Oh wow, you are so brave.”

The bad part was I couldn’t swim or kayak for 5 days.  My mom let me get in the pool and the river, but I couldn’t go under water.  This was so hard.  But 5 days went fast and soon my dad took out my stitches, which didn’t hurt at all, and we went straight to the Hot Springs Pool and I jumped in and went under water.

I still love kayaking.  It’s scary, but everyone is scared at the beginning.  And just because you are scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.


Maddy Kellogg lived happily ever after.

By – Maddy Kellogg

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21 thoughts on “Happily Ever After: A True Story of Kayaking Carnage By Maddy Kellogg”

  1. Great job Maddy. What a great lesson for everyone to know and realize… “…just because you are scared doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something.” Keep your posts coming.

  2. This is a great post Maddy, all the right components – excitement and drama! I saw the video where you hit your eye and it was crazy but you were so brave about it. You have great skills, keep enjoying life 🙂

  3. Great post, Maddie !!! That was fun to read and you did a great job telling about your adventure. You are brave, never stop trying and learning new things 🙂

  4. This is fantastic. What a strong, beautiful girl. She is the epitome of brave and has the potential to inspire so many people. Nurture that heart and spirit mom and dad, she’s phenomenal!

  5. I remember seeing the video or images when they were posted, you are a great girl Maddy and I know how brave you were, and I also know how proud your family are of you, your one special young lady 🙂

  6. Wow! What an awesome time you had. The tricks you did by accident, have you learned any of them for the next time you get swallowed by the water?
    Great story telling! A+
    Looking forward to reading about your next adventure!

  7. I loved your story…the beginning, even the middle, and especially the end. You express yourself very well in telling your adventure. What I knew after reading it was this: Maddy Kellogg is truly a courageous and funny girl. And that she has so many people that love her.

  8. This story, with a photo of you, should be published. Does Highlights Magazine publish “first person” non-fiction? If not there, somewhere!!!

  9. Good job! Just because you get hurt doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the horse so to speak.:)
    Your parents are raising strong kids.

  10. I agree, publish this story. Do you mind if I send it around to some of my contacts. Maddy Kellogg has a story and a message.

  11. Nice job Maddy you are so brave your just like my sister. Good job being tough. Do you know that saying if you fall off a horse get back up and get back on it or else you will be scared.


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