Happiest Bday Sweetest Emmy … Hypothermia on the River – Sacrificing Body & Limb For FD Challenge!

Thank you Sue and Kath for always remembering us!! We love you TONS!!!

For the Rest Of The Month I will Tag ANYONE who donates as little as $1 to our First Descents Challenge … I will Publicly Thank Friends and tamily members who have donated as well … so DONATE FRIENDS & FAMILY for some much deserved public Accolades!! xoxoxoxox

Day 19 First Descents Challenge – 30 Days of November = 30 Days Kayaking to raise $$ for First Descents. It was incredibly FREEZING today!! Please donate and help the countless cancer patients FD serves. Thanks!

We are offering up our sufferings — freezing cold temps, brain freezes, frostbit fingertips, etc … on behalf of ALL cancer patients during the month of November. Please Join Us!

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