Green River, WY – USACK Point Series

We are home for a few days to finish up the school year and finish packing up the RV for a summer on the road. The kids very first competition in their first run in the circuit turned out to be everything we prayed it would be. First, we realized a dream and purchased an RV that is big enough to fit us all, absolutely a gift from God, there is no doubt. It was the very last step in our total transformation. Life off the grid (at least for the entire summer) is finally 100% obtainable. We will all be together, travelling, playing, working, and playing some more. For the time being, Dan will be working on the road, but that, with intense prayer, faith and a little magic from the man upstairs will not be for long. In light of the fact that Dan received a massive paycut (equivalent to what we pay yearly in mortgage) we have been aggressively setting ourselves up for independence since October of last year.

I have a book that is being published, Dan has an Internet business that encompasses everything from Youtube Subscription Managers ( to web development and our YouTube Channel ( and blog ( The kids have their own YouTube channel which is the most random site ever ( — in fact, their channel is wildly more popular than ours and the kelloggshowkids channel was awarded YouTube Partnership earlier this year. You’ll find pranks, skits, parodies, spoofs and epic kayaking footage and so much more!! Grady has found what could possibly be his other passion outside of kayaking … directing and making videos!! Working for someone else is a drag, they control you with their promise of security but you and I both know the only true security is that which you make for yourself.

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Life is a game of offense, something Kerry is learning as we speak. She has a job, she has a steady paycheck, but she’s held captive by their refusal to acquiesce to requests for time off. She missed this trip, this phenomenal trip, because she couldn’t get days off from work. Dan and I have been working to open her eyes to our world, a world that does not condone slavery to jobs, slavery to perceived responsibility, slavery to higher education. A world that is open and beautiful and the rewards are plentiful. A world in which you make your own destiny. She’s just coming to the realization that she can forge her own path; she has a plethora of talents, from artistry to photography to all things relating to music. Things she can hone on the road with her family while meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things. Photography, in particular, is golden in the world of kayaking. Everyone loves epic photos of gravity defying huge air, close-ups of facial expressions and danger! She has the talent and the equipment to make this a reality. Why would anyone choose 4 years of college and huge debt when their education can be acquired for free and with fun? She and Grady can collab, videos and photography … could it get any better?

We are embarking on a new life. Our very first trip was beyond expectations. Grady has worked so incredibly hard and is very focused and determined to earn a spot on the USACK Junior Kayak Team. He has a lot of competition, and this is good because Grady thrives on competition and really turns it on when he’s pushed. He pulled off a McNasty in Gren River this past weekend, which solidified his first place finish. Brody is currently a member of the Cadet National Team and hopes to secure a first place in JO’s this year. He competed this past weekend and he earned first, Dally place second and Kenny got third. Sibling rivalry at it’s best, but it’s all in fun. They really encourage each other and are happy for each other when they do well.

This trip opened our eyes to a totally different way of life, one we knew was out there, but hadn’t fully embraced. We are contemplating selling our house and purchasing a small home or even condo somewhere in very close proximity to a ski resort … we can’t live without snowboarding in the winter and we plan to live in our RV for the summers — we don’t need a big spacious home — too much stuff accumulates, cluttering our lives and taking our focus off the really important things in life. We need a home base, a place to crash, a place to chill and a place to do some dope backcountry snowboarding, but where that place is, I’m not sure. I’m assuming prayer will soon divulge to us our next move. In the meantime, we’ll be thankful and relish in our plethora of blessings. God Bless!!!

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  1. I love this post. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for all you’ve taught us, about what life is really about; love and family.

  2. It’s your time, Kellogg family. I can see from your vlogs and your blog that you are thoroughly enjoying this time together and to make it a lifestyle change is the only natural choice. Many blessings.


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