From Naked Men on The Colorado River to Heimlich Maneuvers: A Little ADHD Never Hurt Anyone!

The Kellogg Show goes out to dinner at Tequila’s Mexican Restaurant, after an X-rated whitewater rafting adventure on the Colorado River…kids, close your eyes!!!

Let me just say it – It is NOT necessary to strip down NAKED on the Colorado River to enjoy the Hot Pots. You, Mr. Naked man, have scarred a few of us for life. I mean, really. You didn’t have the physique so to speak in the first place, not that it matters in the least, but good grief. One too many beers made Mr. Naked Man, Mr Awkward Man! What a freak!

We also witnessed a random girl flashing the Zipline at Rock Gardens, a dude mooning the zipliners at Rock Gardens and countless moonings at Two Rivers Park … today was an X rated journey down the river for sure!

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