Rowden Vincent (Rowdy)

Birthdate: January 15, 2007
Favorite Book: Heaven is for Real
Favorite Song: We Will Rock You (Queen)
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me
Favorite Food: Mac-n-Cheese
Favorite Animal: Bear
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Toy: Cars
Favorite Family Trip: Moab, Utah
Favorite School Subject: Math
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Chores: Trash & Keeping His Room Clean
Interesting Fact: Rowdy is the only boy surrounded by girls!
Rowdy is a sweet loving brother who lives up to his name. Rowdy cares a lot about other people’s feelings and he is sensitive to how others treat him. He is kind and thoughtful and Rowdy! He is a lot like Grady in that Rowdy assesses a situation and weighs the risks before jumping in full throttle. But when he decides to go for it, there is no holding him back. When we first started taking him rafting he would warn us of all the big waves. Then we started having to warn him because he always wanted to jump in. He loves cars and skateboards, camping and all water! When he was tiny he loved to hold his mommy’s hair … again like Grady. Brody is Rowdy’s “Best Buddy”.

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