Madigan Grace (Maddy)

Birthdate: April 22, 2005
Favorite Book: Beauty and the Beastl
Favorite Song: Twinkle Little Star
Favorite Movie: Cinderella
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Snack Food: Oranges
Favorite Animal: Kittens
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Game: Strawberry Shortcake
Favorite Family Trip: Moab, Utah
Favorite School Subject: Religion
Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
Chores: Keep Hallway Clean and Clutter Free
Interesting Fact: Maddy is absolutely fearless. Maddy loves Angels and she hears God.

Maddy is our certified crazy child. She’s nuts and has not one fear in the entire world. She’s the one who sped down the mountain at mock speed the first day she was on a snowboard. She’s the one who at 2 jumped off the raft into the freezing fast moving water because “I wuvs wado”. Maddy will try anything and she is always up for a challenge. We’ve always joked that Maddy is a black girl stuck in a white girls body, because she has attitude and moves and she is tough as nails. However, she is also a princess who loves to get dressed up and look beautiful. She also has a profound love for God and she talks to Him all day long. Her goal is to be just like Mary and she asks us every minute if she is being a “Little Mary”. Maddy woke up one morning and told us that she “knows how to be a good girl now”. I said to her, “you are a good girl Maddy.” She literally turned to me and said, “No, but God told me how to be good so now I’m going to be good.” She heard him speaking to her at night!!!

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