Kendon Thomas (Kenny)

Birthdate: Feb 9, 2000
My Favorite Place I’ve Visited: Ottawa, Canada
I feel Most Creative When:  Brainstorming ideas with family
My Advice to Teens:
 Family is the most important thing, after God.
Everyone Should: Travel
On My Playlist: Dubstep, Metallica, Eminem
My Cheap Thrill: Extreme Football
Favorite KelloggShow Episode:
Favorite Food: Salad
Top of My Bucket List: Go To Chile
What I Do When Chillin: Hang out, random stuff
Interesting Fact:  Kenny was in the ICU when he was 4 for a Brain Bleed.  After continuous prayer and God’s palatable presence Kenny’s brain bleed miraculously disappeared and he was healed! Read full story…
Future Plans: Be a Famous Kayaker & snowboarder
I’m Kenny and I’m 13.  I love sports especially kayaking, snowboarding, climbing and now surfing.  I also love  traveling around the country with my family.  My favorite place so far was Canada!  The river was epic.  No matter what the level, there was always a feature that was pumping.  My best friends are my brothers, we do everything together — that’s the way it should be–family is everything.

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  1. hey my name is peri i rllylike u i think ur cool and ur brother brody is cute also wantred to know if u can email me back XOXOXO

  2. Hey u are really cute an you are 2 years younger than me, I love u to bots and think u are so cute, I have done so kayaking lessons where I live but you guys are just extream, I would love u to email me back and have watched almost everyone of your videos xxxxxxxx love u Kenny xx <3


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