Dallan Patrick (Dally)

Birthdate: December 12, 2001
My Favorite Place I’ve Visited: Moab, UT
I feel Most Creative When: When I’m working or fixing things, my mind thinks about a lot of other things.
My Advice to Teens:
 Stay focused on being happy.
Everyone Should: Love their life, live their life.
On My Playlist: Dubstep, I’m not big into music right now.
My Cheap Thrill:  Beatdowns in a kayak!
Favorite KelloggShow Episode: Bailey Fest Carnage & Triumph
Favorite Food:  Fish, Mahi Mahi & Catfish
Top of My Bucket List:  Beat the World Record for Biggest Waterfall in a Kayak!  (186′ currently)
What I Do When Chillin: Watch a movie, play a boardgame.
Interesting Fact: I’m not really scared of anything.
My Parents One-Word Description: Brave
Future Plans: Run a travel/boarding kayak school with my brothers and sisters.
Hey I’m Dally and I’m 11.  Traveling around the US with my family is the coolest thing ever.  We get to do so many awesome things and be active and healthy.  I wouldn’t change anything about my life.

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