Broden Michael (Brody)

Birthdate: May 13, 1997
My Favorite Place I’ve Visited: Impossible to choose, I like everywhere!
I feel Most Creative When:  Right Before I Fall Asleep
My Advice to Teens:
 Remember Your Goals, Whatever They May Be.
Everyone Should: Follow Their Dreams, Their Own Real Dreams
On My Playlist: Eminem, Imagine Dragons, Flux Pavilion, Skrillex, Adventure Club
My Cheap Thrill: Riding My Dirtbike Fast and Hard
Favorite KelloggShow Episode: Lost – Arches National Park
Favorite Food: Chili Mac
Top of My Bucket List: Win World’s in Freestyle Kayaking
What I Do When Chillin: Play Monoply, Watch a Movie
Interesting Fact: I’m Writing an Android App with my Brother, Grady
My Parents One-Word Description: Hysterical

Hi i’m Brody I’m 16 I was Born may 13 1997 I have a crazy obsession for the out doors and extreme adventure.  I like extreme sports where you are both mentally and physically challenged, which is why I love Kayaking.

20 thoughts on “Broden Michael (Brody)”

  1. I love your videos (: ur what 15 now? wow. we are close in age. and ur soooo* cute (: love ur familys videos. well happy 4th of july!

    • Sorry Katie but Broden is MINE! Back off woman!
      Loooooooove you chipmunk!!!!!!!!

      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
      -your stalker(:

  2. Brody, I am so sorry these girls are harassing u… I feel for you… know guy OR girl should have to go through that… and to Brody’s future wife/ current girlfriend…. what is wrong with you… leave the poor guy alone.. he probably isn’t answering because of crazy people like you… and you could get arrested for that. I highly doubt you live anywhere near him anyway. Again Brody I feel for you.

  3. Salut Brody, je me présente; Pascal qui te parle depuis la France; je suis comme beaucoup qui vous suivent et apprécie sur Youtube; et est déjà eu quelques échanges très chaleureux avec ta maman notamment sur les commentaire que je laisse sur Youtube. J’ai beaucoup d’admiration pour toute ta famille; et formule des voeux pour que vous soyez tous heureux. Je te laisse Brody; je ne voudrais pas t’embêter surtout que tu ne me connais même pas; mais je voulais avoir une prise de contact avec chacun chacune d’entre vous et le hasard à voulu que je commence par toi. Bon Ciao et j’espère ne pas t’avoir déranger. Pascal qui te parle depuis la France

  4. heyyy Brody do u remember me i met you when i was on holiday last year love watching your videos and i laugh all the time xx


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