Cam-O-Bunk Revolutionalizing Camping & RV’ing!

We have discovered the Holy Grail of camping gear!!  Seriously.  As a family of 14 traveling the country in a 36’ RV for the past 22 months we have learned a whole lot about necessity and need and gear and comforts and, surprisingly, even luxury.

This is Luxury – the Newmar King Aire! Toured while at the Tampa RV Super Show.

The number one question we are asked by would-be RV’ers and the curious is how in the world we sleep 14 people in our RV!!  In the beginning, like the first 20 months, it was trial and error and a lot of setting up tents in the warmer weather and hammocks and sleeping on the floor of the RV and even the dash.  This is all entirely acceptable if you are just vacationing in your RV.  I mean who can’t handle a week or two of cramped sleeping quarters and lack of ample bedding.  But, when you are living in an RV for an extended period of time, this doesn’t quite cut the mustard, so to speak.

The inside of our RV!
The inside of our RV!

And so our quest to find a solution continued and continued.  Until one day I received an email asking if we had ever used a Camo Bunk.  And then I received another email and another asking the same exact thing.  I Googled and light bulbs went off.  When I read the first sentence of the description, “Specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast in mind – where space is minimal and your aim is to sleep maximum campers.” I thought,  Umm, hello?!!  Could this be the solution?  It sure sounded like they wrote that for us.  Outdoor Enthusiasts, check. Minimal Space, check. Sleeping maximum people?  Oh yeah, check!!  I decided to give it a try.


And I am so glad I did.  Talk about revolutionalizing our full time RV experience. It’s extremely versatile, transforming into a bench, or two individual cots; but for us, the Cam-O-bunk bunk is where it’s at.


Prior to the beds’ arrival, I was forewarned that they were, perhaps, slightly difficult to assemble so I was prepared, if not a little skeptical.  But, when the boxes were delivered, the kids and I opened them immediately and we (meaning the kids) put the bunks together in 15 minutes flat!  I was pleasantly surprised that my 14 and 12 year old sons were completely able to assemble a bunk all on their own.  As a mom of 12 I’m a huge fan of self-sufficiency, so immediately these bunks had a seal of approval in regards to assembly.  And equally encouraging is the fact that it is easily dismantled and stores compactly in a bag that easily fits under a car seat or a sofa!  Thumbs Up!


Next, and quite possibly, a seemingly elusive factor in most products I review, is sturdy construction.  My kids, seven of whom are of the male gender,  honestly set out to destroy and maim every single item we own, from the walls of our home to their toys to our flatscreen TV’s to toilets and sinks and, yes,  even beds.  I have come to believe it is their mission in life, and as such, there are few products that I give much more than a slightly below decent rating in terms of being made to last.  But again, I was pleasantly surprised.  The frame is comprised of an anti rust steel (would love to see a child that can bust steel), and the polyester mat you sleep on is strong with a moderate amount of stretch and an ever so slight hammock effect for comfort!  In addition, it is resistant to scratching and stretching, it is quick drying, mildew resistant, abrasion resistant, and easily washed!  BAM!  Awesome!!  And, this is a biggie, with all the climbing up and down the kids do, not once, not one single time has it even slightly tipped, let alone fallen over!  Thumbs UP!

How Many Kids Can Fit On A Cam-O-Bunk??

The final, yet quite definitely the most important, test was comfort.  Initially there were tons of oooh’s and ahhh’s regarding the comfort, and I must say over time, not much has changed.  The Cam-O-Bunk delivers in terms of a comfortable nights sleep, whether you are on nice level ground or have set up camp on a cliff … you won’t notice the difference.  And really, this is what it all boils down to … comfort.  Everything else is icing on the cake, but if the bed is uncomfortable, no-one’s going to want to use it.  I’m thrilled to report the comfort level is through the roof, especially for a cot!  The length is more than adequate for my oldest son who is 6’1” and the width is more than ample to ensure comfort and safety — in fact, our younger kids have been known to double up on the bunks!


The Cam-O-Bunk is, without a doubt, a life saver for us.  As I said before we looked and looked at so many different options and this is the one that stuck.  We use them every night, either in the tent or in the RV … they actually fit between the two sofas with the pop out!!!  On warm nights the RV is empty and we are all sleeping out under the stars in hammocks, bunks and sleeping bags.  The kids LOVE it.  In fact, our biggest stressor now is not where everyone is going to sleep, but rather, who gets to sleep in the Cam-O-Bunks!!

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  1. These are so cool. I love them. WE are a family of 7, and everyone fitting in a tent is nearly impossible. this would indeed revolutionalize our experience! Yay!

  2. These look so cool. I’m only worried about our youngest falling off the bunk. Of course, she’d be on the bottom, but still. Are they comfortable? I guess we can go to Cabela’s and see for ourselves. LOL.

  3. I have to ask have you tried to put them as a triple? We really want to buy them but I wonder if occasionally we can do a third on top?

  4. I just found you blog and I love what you are doing. We’ve been looking for a way to make camping a bit more like glamping and I think these will get my bug hating girls off the ground and more comfortable with the whole idea!


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