bum Genius – Cloth Diaper Review From a Momma of 12!

Babies.  I love them, obviously because I’ve had 12!!  And with babies comes the cuddles, the all-night feeding marathons, the smiles, giggles, I truly am one of those crazy people that love EVERYTHING about babies … even diapers!!


But, it wasn’t always that way.  I have to admit, changing a disposable diaper is BORING.  BUT, changing a cloth diaper with all it’s variety and color is actually fun.  You see, I’m a glutton for adorableness, I love baby clothes and so it stands to reason that I’d love LOVE cloth diapers as they are simply an extension of the outfit.


 And, as for which brand I wholly endorse, I look no further than Bum Genius!  I LOVE them.  I researched and read and researched and read about all the brands out there.  I even bought one diaper each from all the top rated brands, but the Bum Genius Elemental (organic cotton) and the Bum Genius FreeTime were my absolute favorites!  I found myself washing these even though I had a stack of the others folded and waiting to be worn.  Eventually, I tossed all but my Bum Geniuses and about bought out the store … much to Dan’s chagrin.  He didn’t understand my infatuation, my addiction … let’s be honest, when you own every color and every design of BG diapers, a husband can become concerned!  🙂


Bum Genius simply eliminates the difficulty of cloth diapering by designing the simplest system EVER.  Both the FreeTime and the Elemental are an all-in-one diaper with semi attached inserts built in!  Of course, this didn’t stop me from using pre-folds when I felt like it.  But most importantly, the “no-stuff” design was perfect for Dan, who was, honestly, reluctant to cloth diaper, as well as any of the older kids who didn’t ever get the pre-fold and the cover aligned correctly!!  Simply, it made cloth diapering ridiculously easy … as easy as using disposables!


 But adorableness and ease isn’t why we use diapers, right folks?  We diaper to keep all that business in and so a cloth diaper has to deliver at least as much promise as a disposable and the BG’s deliver, my friends!!  I can tell you in all our years of cloth diapering we can count the number of leaks on one hand!  They fit our newborns and our chunky toddlers!  They are fully adjustable with soft stretchy elastic around the legs to ensure containment and two rows of snaps to fit any size little bug!!  And we’ve not once, not ever, never ever had a rash develop while using Bum Genius cloth diapers!  This must be because the BG’s semi-attached inserts dry super fast and keep the moisture at bay for maximum absorbency!!

Now more about that stinky stuff.  You know, when I first started hearing about cloth diapering I was concerned with the extra care I thought they would need … you know cleaning poopy diapers.  “Who has time for that,” I thought?  But let me tell you, you’re already doing laundry, that is unless you toss your baby’s clothes after each wearing,  and so throwing a load of diapers into the machine aint no big thing.  Trust me!  Even living in an RV and traveling full time, cloth diapering is the only way to go.


I believe in being stewards of this earth, and in our quest to reduce waste and to care for the beautiful world that has been so generously gifted to us, I know I can have a significant impact simply by using cloth diapers.  We live in nature, we kayak the rivers, we climb the cliffs, we scale the caves, we hike the trails … we have a vested interest in keeping all of these natural resources beautiful and clean.


The Bum Genius Elemental and the Bum Genius FreeTime are worth their weight in gold.  They are the only diapers we use and they are the only diapers we feel confident enough to give a 5-star Review!!  Now go get ya some!!

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Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, Cotton Babies sent me free product to review.

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  1. I was browsing the web researching and found this blog. There are so many different diapers and I was going to go for the Target ones, swayed. Thanks.


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