Big, Adventure Seeking Family Hits N.B. On Two-Year Tour of North America

A 14-member, adventure-seeking American family has made it to New Brunswick after travelling across North America in a large RV for the past two years.

“We are a family of 14 and right now we are travelling the United States and Canada in search of the ultimate adventure,” says mom Susie Kellogg.

The Colorado family decided to make a lifestyle change a few years ago after returning home from a vacation.

The 14-member Kellogg family have been touring North America in an RV for the past two years.

“Nobody wanted to go when that trip was over. Everyone was sad and we started discussing it and someone said, well, we should do this forever, and that’s actually what we decided to do,” says Susie. “We went home, tried to sell our house, had a baby and hit the road.”

Susie and her husband Dan have 12 children ranging in age from 21 months to 20 years. She says conflicts do arise every now and then, but the siblings get along for the most part.

“There’s never a dull moment. You always have someone to play with,” says Brody Kellogg. “You argue with your one brother and you’re on your own for a bit. You fight with one, you have another one to go play with.”

Susie homeschools her children but says they learn the most by seeing the world.

“I do math mainly, then I’ll read a book and I write blogs for my mom and for my sponsors,” says Kady Kellogg. “Then we’re going to go whale watching, so I’m going to learn about whales, so that will be awesome.”

Grady Kellogg admits living in such tight quarters has been an adjustment for his family.

“It can be a little bit hard sometimes, because there’s minimal places to sleep in, so if you don’t get to the spot, if you don’t get to bed first, then you may have to sleep somewhere you don’t want to,” he says.

Dad Dan Kellogg is the only family member with a job and a paycheque.

“I’m a software engineer so I work on a computer, laptop most of the time, which basically means I can be mobile,” he says. “I was working from home before so I thought, why not from an RV?”

The Kelloggs say, so far, they have no set date to pack their bags and head home.

“We’re planning on doing this until it doesn’t work for us anymore,” says Susie. “Then there will be a new dream.”

Published on CTV News on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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