Alabama Mountain Games 2013 – Short Creek Huckfest

Day one of the Alabama Mountain Games includes the Huckfest off the big waterfall on
Short Creek and the Boatercross race off the waterfall and under it. It was an awesome day of paddling. This was Kady’s first waterfall, and although she was scared at first, she ran the waterfall about a dozen times!! Super fun!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Alabama Mountain Games 2013 – Short Creek Huckfest”

  1. Super cool to meet you guys yesterday! If you guys are coming back this way through North Alabama let me know and you guys can stay here at camp as our guest. We would love to host your family.
    My wife was upset that I did not offer you this yesterday. So I owe your family dinner!

  2. Hi, Kellogg Family! I’m a correspondent for People Magazine, trying to track you down. We’d love to do a story about your adventures in the magazine. Can somebody please email me with a cell phone number for you? Many thanks — hope to hear from you soon!
    All the best,
    Cathy Free


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