Family of 14 gives up everything to live in RV and travel the nation

Acadia Parish – How many adventures have you gone on in your lifetime? Probably not as many as a family of 14 from Colorado.

The Kellogg family travels throughout the nation in search of adventure. They left their home behind two years ago with their dog, packed up their belongings and now call the RV their new home. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

“When we left Colorado we thought we were super close and then we get in the RV and we just bonded so much and got to know each other so well. It’s been amazing.” said Susie Kellogg, the mother.

The family does not let anything get in their way. They’ve faced many difficulties and challenges throughout their journey to more than 40 states and Canada, but they’ve always managed to turn their negative experiences into something positive.

“We just had a breakdown back in Colorado,” Dan Kellogg, the father, said. “We were in Grand Junction, the alternator was dead. We had to wait for a part to come in, so we were like, ‘Well what can we do?’ We found a new place to hike and we hiked up 2,000 feet up onto Mt. Garfield and it was epic.”


Susie Kellogg homeschools the children, ages 3 to 19, while they are on the road. With a non-traditional lifestyle, the children are experiencing and learning different things in life.

“They’re getting education beyond a classroom and learning things hands-on and talking to people and seeing how they live we made friends everywhere,” said Dan Kellogg.

“Our little slogan is that we’re unstoppable,” Dan Kellogg added. “It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. We don’t have a lot of money, we don’t have a lot of stuff, but we don’t let that stop us from seeking our dreams. I want our kids to see that and realize that they can do the same thing and reach whatever dreams that they have. ”

Published and aired on KATC Channel 3 on March 20, 2015

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