40 Days For Life

Many people wonder what I’m doing standing on the sidewalk, alongside Dan, with our 11 kids holding signs.  We’ve even been asked what it is we are accomplishing.  “Are you shutting down Planned Parenthood?” they ask.  Nope.  “Are you turning people away?”  they sneer.  Not to my knowledge.  “Have you saved any babies by standing out here?” they confidently ask.  Unlikely, I admit.  So exactly what is it I hope to accomplish by standing on the street in front of Planned Parenthood for a little over 2 hours every day?  I guess my answer would lie in one word … hope.  I have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, hence, I have hope that maybe, just maybe, someone will see Elly or Rowdy or Maddy or Brody or whomever and change their heart.  Or that maybe a teenage girl will see Kerry and ask for help.  Or a young would-be father will see Dan and have the courage to reach out. I have hope that by standing out there we will alter at least one baby’s fate…others have across the world, so maybe, the possibility exists.

One baby?  One baby?  You cry, in the wake of all that Planned Parenthood does, you hope for the safekeeping of one baby?  Let me refer you to a letter that was in our local paper (i’ll post the link later in the blog) written by a PP fan, Becky Penn.  She scoffed at our Community Activist, the female, conservative counterpart to President Obama, she scoffed at Betty because she had a sign that read “65 Babies Saved in 7 Days”.  Becky Penn laughed and proudly announced all the good that Planned Parenthood does in each locality – she said it far outweighs the pathetic 65 babies saved.  I was horrified, yes, horrified, when I read her letter.  What an ugly human being to have written such a disgusting letter.  I don’t care how pro-choice you are, you ought not be rejoicing over abortion.  You ought not be thinking, that’s 65 babies we could’ve killed.

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Another letter appeared in the paper by a Ryan Bosco, to this one I sent a response. He doesn’t approve of my choice of locality, he doesn’t approve of my decision to bring my children, yet he proudly announced his support for liberty and independence of everyone, even pregnant women who want to kill their babies, yet Dan & I are not deserving of this same liberty and independence to choose to teach our children our faith by doing instead of preaching? REally? What is is with you liberals? You tout tolerance and exceptance as long as it’s in line with what you believe, but the tolerance and acceptance ends at the foot of faith.

6 very large “women” and I do use that term sparingly, showed up with signs last Friday, unfortunately we missed them, because the stories and photos I’ve heard and seen are very interesting, to say the least. Their signs read, “Get Your Bible Outta My Vagina” — to which the obvious response is, “As soon as you remove my wallet.” “Ovaries Open for Business” … gross! They munched on “Vagina Cookies”, smoked their cigarettes, and carried on like floosies, cropping their already short mini-skirts to cars passing by, etc. You PP supporters can have this group of hookers, they can join Sandra Fluke as your woman of the year…

What is it about PP that has these women gushing? That draws support from all walks of life?Planned Parenthood has a history of distorting the truth.  First they claim to be the unyielding force for choice, yet they tirelessly fight against informed consent laws, they don’t want women to see what they are discarding, because if they did, it would be an entirely different ballgame.  Planned Parenthood isn’t about choice, Planned Parenthood is about the bottom line and abortion is where they make their millions.  Planned Parenthood applauded President Obama’s HHS Mandate, thereby taking away the Catholic’s Church’s ability to choose it’s own HealthCare policies.  Planned Parenthood stands strong against Parental Consent — again taking away the parents’ authoritative rights over minor children.  Their Choice moniker is hypocrisy at it’s most blatant … choice comes when it suits them and what suits Planned Parenthood is money lining their pockets.

I would find it laughable were it not such a grievous horror that corporations are reviled in this country, yet American taxpayers support this corporation, Planned Parenthood, to the tune of more than $400 million annually!  Can you imagine taxpayers contributing that much cash to Shell or to Microsoft?  There would be an outcry of mass proportions, yet we sit idly by while our hard-earned money is given to an abortion mill.  When the hell did healthcare become welfare? When did viagra and contraception and botox and abortions become part and parcel of the package? Insurance is specifically for unexpected catastrophes…

My question for you parents is what in the world are you raising that it’s ok for college students to stand up at a Mitt Romney rally and say “You know what would make me happy? Free contraception.” UGH! The horror of having any of my children be this girl is unimagineable. To have one of my children grow up expecting you and your neighbors to foot the bill for anything they want is beyond my comprehension. But that’s exactly what these parents are doing, creating bottom feeders. You are supposed to raise adults who will go out into the world and make a difference, not become part of the problem. They are supposed to be able to pull themselves up and be productive. Instead we have lazy parents raising even lazier kids. So lazy that our President’s wife felt the need to start Play 60 … ya’ll can’t even get your kids out playing. Disgraceful!

11 thoughts on “40 Days For Life”

  1. I don’t get it, what good does standing around with signs do? Are you going to help all those women who can’t afford their baby’s?

  2. One baby would be life changing for me, Susie. You go girl, most people never take a stand for anything because they are too worried about what the world thinks of them. You guys are true warriors! Love you!

  3. It’s bloody lies that has women “gushing”. We’ve managed to turn our men into snivelling pathetic walking babies who have no say in their own lives let alone ours. It’s disgusting what men are turning into. Abort their own babies? Pay for it even? Grotesque! Keep it up, kellogg family, you guys are destined for greatness!

    • Yes, there is such thing as the Hyde Amendment which forbids money going to abirtoons. However, how can you say that providing money to a company that does abirtoons is not paying for them? The money the government gives Planned Parenthood reduces the costs of everything which Planned Parenthood does, which includes providing abirtoons. Please tell me how that is not partially funding abirtoons, albeit not giving money to a person to pay for their abortion.

  4. If only we could get the children of our generation (and future) outside more, show them real fun, real love.

    The media is probably the closet thing to Satan I could ever imagine. Parents leave their children to their computers or their television. With the messages they are receiving, it’s no wonder they are so lost.

  5. How sad that you are modeling that kind of judgement to your children. Planned Parenthood caters mostly to preventative care for low-income or young women. Aside from that, who are you to judge? The women who do walk in there for abortions… do you really think hatefulness is what they need? No, they need love and support.


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